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New Moon In Virgo: Declutter, Love & Grow
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New Moon In Virgo: Declutter, Love & Grow

New Moon In Virgo: Declutter, Love & Grow

new moon in virgo ritual

The new moon in Virgo brings a wave of organization and practicality to our world and invites us to create new habits and rituals and reassess our priorities to work toward those big dreams. But this can also conjure feelings of doubt and insecurity and fuel our self-criticism and judgment over why we’re not already where we want to be.

This is the lesson of Virgo. To accept who and where we are today and show ourselves unwavering love and compassion while building the strength and resilience to step up into the next version of ourselves and really own the magnitude of our power.

Let’s explore the frequency of the new moon in Virgo in more detail and some rituals for you to harness this energy in your world.

The energy of a new moon

A new moon occurs roughly every 29 days and symbolizes a new beginning, the turn of a new leaf, the start of a new cycle, and the chance to start afresh. You can think of it as the start of a calendar year, a new school year, or even your birthday. Hope and possibility fill the air. It’s a chance to leave anything behind that no longer serves you and make new choices that support who you’re becoming.

The new moon is also a reflective time where we are called to slow down, draw our energy inward, and carve out pockets of stillness so we can hear our inner guidance and follow it.

When is the new moon in virgo 2024?

Los Angeles, United States: 2nd September 18:55

London, United Kingdom: 3rd September 02:55

Sydney, Australia: 3rd September 11:55

Click here to find the exact time of the new moon in Virgo 2024 where you live.

The new moon always lasts between 2-3 days, so if you plan on celebrating it with ritual or setting new intentions, aim to do so during this window while the energy is still potent.

What is the new moon in virgo about?

A reminder that you are worthy of love today

Do you hold a limiting belief that once you achieve X or do Y or have Z, then you’ll be good enough and worthy of love? On this new moon in Virgo, remember that love should never be conditional, whether from others or yourself.

Bring awareness to any internal judgment or conditions you place on yourself or impossible standards that you hold yourself to. Where do these come from? Why do you think you place these conditions on yourself? And do they serve and support you and your highest growth?

Remember that we are all perfect divine beings and totally imperfect. This is the paradox of life. It doesn’t matter if you fail or make a mistake; this is life, and this is how we learn and grow. Who you are and wherever you are right now is enough and worthy of love. So remember to show yourself love, care, and compassion the way you would a best friend.

Declutter, organize & prioritize

Virgo is a sign of organization, decluttering, prioritizing, and productivity. So on this new moon, don’t be surprised if you feel an urge to get your shit together. Clear out clutter, whether it’s physical things lying around your house, mess piling up on your desk, files you no longer need in the cloud, or mental chatter in your mind.

Make lists, try new ways of working, and rejig your schedule however you feel called to. Plan and prepare so that you have a peaceful mind and environment where you can think clearly, prioritize, and tend to what matters most. What worked for you last month might no longer work for you today. This is normal; it’s called growth.

Strike a balance between acceptance and growth

The shadow side of Virgo tends to focus too heavily on the ideal self, the person we wish to become, and struggles with the gap between that person and who we are today. But life is all about the journey, the process, the climb to reach our potential.

So, while striving to grow is a beautiful (and necessary) thing, don’t get too hung up on who you want to become that you fail to appreciate the joy of who and where you are now. On this new moon in Virgo, your mission is to love who you are in this moment and enjoy the journey to the person you’re becoming.

Define what success means to you

We’re taught to buy into a very narrow definition of what success means, and it’s usually money or status. But this is not what success means to many of us. Money is not a motivator for many of us, nor what our souls came here for. That doesn’t mean we resign to be poor, but it means we will choose to do things for reasons other than money.

Knowing that success is different for us all, comparing yourself to someone else or basing your success on other people’s opinions is a losing battle.

So, spend some time thinking about what success looks and feels like to you. Once you’re clear on this, you’ll be able to know when you’re headed in the right direction and when you need to make some changes.

Create supportive habits & rituals

As you dream of the future you wish to paint and where you desire to grow, think about the intentions and habits you can set today to help you get there. That could mean creating a morning ritual for yourself that grounds and centers you for the day or an evening ritual that calms and restores you ready for a peaceful sleep.

Remember that anything can be a ritual as long as you view it as sacred, and it supports you in some way, Whether it’s brewing a pot of herbal tea, taking a bath, journaling, meditating, doing a tarot reading, writing a gratitude list or setting an intention for your day.

Transform your relationship with discipline

Another shadow side of Virgo can move us too far into hustle mode and result in a dried-out well of inspiration, exhaustion, and burnout in pursuit of our goals and dreams. On this new moon, tame your inner critic, forget what everyone else is doing, and strive for balance in all areas of your life.

If you have big goals and ambitions, they will require lots of work to manifest. But that doesn’t mean you discipline yourself to the point where you’re beaten up, miserable, and having zero fun.

One of the best ways to balance out discipline is to treat yourself after you’ve completed or achieved something. If it’s something small, celebrate with a cup of tea and a biscuit, or spend ten minutes browsing one of your favorite shopping apps. If it’s a big achievement, celebrate big with a bottle of champagne or dinner with loved ones.

Help yourself heal

Much of what plagues us originates in our childhood and our experiences and relationships growing up in those formative years. A lot of it can go unnoticed in our subconscious yet hugely impact our decisions and the trajectory of our lives.

If you struggle with limiting beliefs, stories, and habits that keep you stuck and small and disconnected from your power, the new moon in Virgo can be a wonderful time to engage in healing practices.

Maybe that means bodywork like massage and acupuncture, reciting a mantra or affirmation throughout the day, journaling on where these beliefs come from and rewriting them, or even working with a coach or therapist.

A new moon in virgo ritual

Here are some ideas to help you harness the frequency of the new moon in Virgo and celebrate it with ritual. Take what you want and leave what you don’t. Add in your own rituals, and make it supportive and nourishing.

#1. Clear your space

In keeping with the Virgo energy of cleansing and decluttering, why not make clearing up a part of your new moon ritual?

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Choose a room, space, or cupboard, and get to work. Donate anything you no longer want or need, cleanse the energy, and think about how to refresh and update your space. Use Feng Shui for inspiration, or have a browse on Pinterest. Add in a sacred altar somewhere with a candle, crystals, and other special objects if you have room. Plants always breathe life into any space and add a splash of color, plus they increase the oxygen in the room.

#2. Write yourself a love letter

If your inner critic frequently shows up uninvited, write yourself a love letter. Make a point of celebrating your gifts and strengths, and keep looking for things to love about yourself. When you go looking, you’ll be surprised how much you find to love.

Read it back to yourself as many times as you need. Keep it somewhere safe so you can refer back to it when you’re feeling low.

#3. Explore lots of rituals

On this new moon in Virgo, experiment with different rituals and see what you enjoy, then do those more often. Build them into your daily routine.

Tea rituals, bath rituals, journaling rituals, spell rituals, makeup rituals, meditation rituals, etc.

#4. Journal on your intentions

The new moon is a great time to set new intentions for the coming lunar cycle and beyond. For the new moon in Virgo, set intentions to help you grow into the person you strive to be and reach those big goals.

#5. Refine your priorities

This new moon is all about declaring your intentions, matching your priorities, and then making sure what you’re doing each day reflects these.

You may need to change your schedule, carve in more time for play and celebration, or walk away from something so you can devote more energy to something else.

Remember that your time is precious and finite, so use it wisely.

#6. Make a celebration list

If you don’t celebrate your achievements often and tend to motor ahead onto the next thing on your list, write a celebration list as part of your ritual. This could be for this month, this year, or your entire life.

When you’re done, read it and bask in your amazingness. And don’t forget to treat yourself after!

#7. Grow

The final way to celebrate the new moon in Virgo with ritual is to do something that helps you grow and take one step closer to where you desire to go.

That could mean enrolling in an online course, booking a retreat, hiring a coach, starting a new hobby, or creating space in the morning to journal or meditate.

And while you’re learning and growing, remember that you are already good enough as you are today.

Ready to celebrate the new moon in virgo?

How will you celebrate the new moon in Virgo? Share your thoughts and rituals with me below. Happy new moon.

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