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17 Dreamy Qualities Of The Pisces Moon Woman

Pisces moon sign woman

Are you a woman with her moon sign in Pisces? If you’ve ever wondered what this means for you and the dreamy gifts a Pisces moon has, keep reading.

Years ago, I had no idea what a birth chart was, and I thought my sun sign—Cancer—was my only zodiac sign. Oh, how wrong I was!

Your birth chart gives you a complete map of where all the planets were the exact minute you were born. This means you have 12 signs and an ascendant (rising) sign.

What is a moon sign?

Your moon sign is another part of your birth chart and represents your hidden, shadow self. Grandmamma moon governs our emotions and feelings. Shamans also say that our moon sign tells you who you were in a past life and what you have already learned and mastered.

The Pisces moon sign

Pisces’ traits and characteristics are similar, whether it’s your sun, moon, or rising sign in Pisces or another planet.

The main difference for a Pisces moon sign is that the Pisces personality will affect your inner thoughts, mood, and emotions; the part of yourself that you perhaps don’t show to the world, or at least not to anyone you don’t know intimately.

Read on to find out more about the gifts of a Pisces moon woman.

17 dreamy qualities of the Pisces moon woman

1. A Pisces moon woman is deeply intuitive

Perhaps the most notorious trait of a moon in Pisces woman is her intuitive superpowers. I believe all women have access to a sixth sense with their intuition, but it’s magnified exponentially for this woman.

She can read between the words spoken and unspoken as well as body language and understand what someone is really feeling and thinking underneath it all. She is deeply attuned to the feelings and vibrations of the people around her and the unseen world.

2. She might even have psychic abilities

Because her intuition is so strong, a Pisces moon woman is often known for possessing psychic powers such as mind reading and predicting the future.

She might have grown up having intense prophetic dreams or surrounded by a long ancestral line of women who also possess psychic, healing, witchy powers.

To strengthen this muscle, she must believe in her magic and give it the attention and respect it deserves.

3. Sensitivity is her superpower

The Pisces moon woman is a sensitive soul, as water signs tend to be. She’s soft, compassionate, and understanding, so she doesn’t tend to react quickly, judge, or burn bridges with people. She is gentle at heart and believes that all people are good and that the world is good.

Her sensitivity means that she is more affected by the energy of other people and her surroundings than most, which can be a gift and a burden.

When she’s with someone she doesn’t know or trust, she can come across as cold or disconnected, but this is only to protect herself from getting hurt.

Although there may be times she wishes she could feel less deeply, the world would be a far kinder place with more sensitive souls like her walking it.

4. She can read a crowd like a pro

She can read any room or crowd like a pro and instantly pick up on the energy around her. Although she doesn’t love or do well in a crowd, her emotional intelligence usually surpasses those around her. She can see right through people’s masks. She can sense it a mile off if someone’s not being authentic. If she doesn’t get a good vibe from a place or a person, she’s usually right about it. She just needs to trust herself more and follow her intuition.

5. She’s an empath

Unsurprisingly, a moon in Pisces woman is a true empath. Her sensitivity and deep capacity to feel lend themselves superbly to empathy. She can slip herself into anyone’s shoes in a heartbeat and imagine their feelings and thoughts. In fact, it’s hard for her to separate her own feelings from other people’s. And because of this, she is always ready, willing, and devoted to helping someone in need.

However, she needs to be careful of her energy and set boundaries to protect herself from burnout and negative influences.

6. A moon in Pisces woman is a Creatrix

Another of the common Pisces characteristics is an overflow of creative energy and ideas, and a Pisces moon woman is no different. Whether writing, painting, baking, singing, gardening, acting, or spoken word, this woman is a natural at making beautiful things with her hands and heart. Creativity is a wonderful outlet for her vivid imagination, intense energy, and romantic nature.

It will be important for a moon in Pisces woman to have a creative outlet and to give herself plenty of time to make art that serves no purpose other than joy and escapism.

7. She has a vivid imagination

A Pisces moon woman walks and lives in the reality of multiple worlds at any given time. Her strong imagination means she can visualize anything and easily transport herself into that universe. This is why she loves to create and is so good at it.

Activating and engaging in her wild imagination feels like she’s coming home. It nourishes her soul.

8. She’s kind and compassionate

As I mentioned, a moon in Pisces woman is deeply compassionate, and her sensitivity and intuition feed this quality in her. She is always committing selfless acts of service and going out of her way to help someone in need. Her autoresponse when anyone is struggling is to come to the rescue and do her part.

What’s important for a Pisces moon to learn is balance and when to say no so that she protects her energy and isn’t taken advantage of.

9. A woman with her moon in Pisces gets on well with others

Because she sees the good in everyone and is slow to judge, a Pisces moon woman tends to get on well with everyone from all cultures, perspectives and walks of life. She’s not interested in being right or trying to persuade people to agree with her point of view. She’s happy for people to be who they are and express themselves and their opinions.

Since she sees the good in everyone, she recognizes that most people aren’t coming from a bad place and do mean well. And even when they don’t, she acknowledges the trauma and wounds they carry that have led them to think and behave the way they do. Don’t assume she’s excusing anyone’s hurtful actions—she’s not. But she always empathizes with people and how they may be led to those actions.

10. She makes meaningful connections

More than just getting on well with others, a Pisces moon woman will forge deep, long-lasting emotional connections with her friends. She pays attention to the little details, is highly intuitive and empathetic, and will always be there for the people she loves, which is why her connections tend to last forever.

A friend who goes above and beyond the way she does is a rare find, which is why people cherish this bond and want to keep this woman in their lives. When a Pisces moon woman connects with someone, she looks to do so on a soul level. Her friendships often feel like family.

11. She is a dreamer

A moon in Pisces woman is notorious for living with her head firmly in the clouds, and she likes it this way. Some people mistake her for being an airhead, but these people simply don’t understand or appreciate the vast imagination and rose-tinted outlook of this moon sign.

She spends this time in her own world, dreaming up new ideas and ways to solve problems—anything she can do to improve the lives of the people around her and the wider collective. She can vividly imagine a better, kinder, ideal world in her head, and she believes with all her heart that this dream can be a reality. And without this optimistic perspective, our world would be a hopeless place.

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12. She finds the beauty in the ordinary

A woman with her moon in Pisces can quickly uncover the beauty in the darkest places, people, and circumstances, which ties into what I mentioned earlier about her believing that everyone is good at heart.

She is intuitively drawn to the beautiful quirks, symbols, and timings of daily life. Because she sees what many other people don’t, she finds beauty where others don’t.

13. A Pisces moon woman is a true romantic

This moon sign is one of the most romantic of all. In her head, she desires her relationships to be straight out of a fairytale and will do her best to make sure they match this lofty, dreamy ideal. She will do well with a partner who appreciates her romantic gestures and sensitivity, encourages her dreamy nature, and is equally romantic.

However, a Pisces moon woman must be careful not to overlook what’s right in front of her and be blinded by the best qualities of her partner.

14. She falls in love fast

In love, a moon in Pisces woman is affectionate, compassionate, and sweet. She will do (almost) anything for the one she loves and doesn’t take long to fall head over heels. Her relationships are often romantic, intense, and passionate, especially in the early stages.

Because she spends so much time in the clouds in an ideal world of her making, she is prone to seeing what she wants to see in people rather than what is in front of her. She could benefit from stepping down now and then and combining the wisdom from her heart with the logic from her head.

15. She believes in a higher power

Most Pisces moon signs believe there is far more than meets the eye in this world. She believes in the unseen, the esoteric, and the interconnectedness of all things.

She believes there is some force greater than us at work—source, the universe, the Goddess—whatever term she prefers. This doesn’t mean she is religious but a spiritual seeker who believes she is being held, guided, and supported in some way by an unseen power. She knows some things simply cannot be explained by logic, and she has experienced the magic and divine timing of the universe in her own life.

16. She needs alone time

Ordinary everyday life can sometimes feel mundane to a Pisces moon woman. This, coupled with her tendency to over-give to others in need, can lead to her needing to withdraw now and then from the world and recoup.

Some Pisceans will retreat consciously, knowing that they need this alone time. In contrast, others will do so subconsciously as a last resort when the demands of life become overwhelming.

Spending time in or by water can be incredibly soothing and healing for her as a water sign. But any form of nature will work wonders, help her release any stagnant energy she has collected from others, and process her thoughts and emotions.

17. A Pisces moon woman is a healer

When it has been one of those days where nothing goes right, and a dark gray cloud persists overhead, a heartfelt chat with a Pisces moon woman can be a healing balm.

As we mentioned, she is empathetic, compassionate, and generous with her time and love. Because she cares so much and understands far more than her eye can see, she is the perfect shoulder to lean on and has a knack for helping others find the beauty in the storm.

Are you a woman with a Pisces moon sign?

Are you a Pisces moon woman? What do you love most about this dreamy, imaginative sign? And how do you nurture your creative spirit?

Share this with me or ask me any questions about the Pisces moon sign in the comments below!

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  • I love this! I was sceptical about my Pisces moon but I think it was just my Scorpio sun being suspicious about anything that isn’t Scorpio lol! But this really was like I was reading about myself and the penny truly dropped! I now love my Pisces moon so thank you.

  • It has been a difficult life journey with my sun in Aquarius, rising in Gemini, and moon in Pisces 🙂 they are all very different signs and made me an unstable person.

    • It’s okay if your placements seem to be in conflict, this just means there are many layers and sides to you. They don’t necessarily need to clash or be in competition with each other. Learn to harness the strengths of each sign and overcome the shadows, and this will give you a wide “tool kit.” Each gift has its own place in your life ✨

      Shani x

  • I am pisces sun and today I figured out that I am also pisces moon. I always feel too much on everything and feel and think too detailed. I found myself in this article, literally.

      • Reading this was so soothing. I felt so seen! Thank you for being spot on about pretty much everything!! 💛 I wish I had seen this when I was younger. I wish our world was more nurturing, accepting, & receptive to people like us/wish our traits were more valued in our society. My moon is in the 8th house at the 15th degree.

        • Sometimes I wish I had found my way to all of this when I was younger too, Crystal, but trust that now was the perfect time for you to find this ✨

          Shani x

  • Wow. I’m a Taurus sun. I have a lot of characteristics of a Taurus but never truly felt like it was all me. I figured out my moon and rising signs recently. Pisces moon. THIS is my soul. Thank you for writing out this great information. I will be returning back to it.

  • Commenting on pisces moon sign.I didn’t know very much about my moon sign until recently but now knowing I have so much clarity as to who I am and it’s all making since now. That is the best feeling by far!

    • Hey Stephanie!

      I remember the time I first saw my birth chart and my mind was blown! When all I knew was my sun sign, there was so much that didn’t make sense to me, and my birth chart filled in all of these gaps.

      So happy to know that you’ve found your way to your star map and that this post has given you some more clarity on your moon sign ✨

      Shani x

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