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11 Ways The Libra Moon Woman Seeks Balance & Peace
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11 Ways The Libra Moon Woman Seeks Balance & Peace

moon sign in libra woman

Are you a woman with a Libra moon sign? Libra is a sign of balance, calm, justice, and peace-keeping. But what does it mean to have your moon sign in Libra, and how does this affect your personality?

What is my moon sign?

Your sun sign is what you might call your “star sign” and refers to whichever zodiac sign the sun was positioned in on the day you were born. This sign usually reflects how the world sees you, the first outer layer of your personality.

In contrast, your moon sign refers to whichever sign the moon was in on the day you were born and rules your emotions, feelings, and shadow self. This is why knowing your moon sign can be such a revelation. It’s a window into your deepest self and who you truly are. Only those closest to you will usually see these traits and qualities.

You can find your moon sign and view your whole birth chart here.

The Libra moon sign

Libra is known for being the sign of balance and harmony, and Librans will strive for this in all areas of their lives. As an air sign, it shines a light on communication, relationships, and the exchange of information. And as a cardinal sign, Librans enjoy taking action—whatever helps them restore balance and calm to their world.

If you’re a Libra moon woman, these Libra traits will have more of an impact on your inner feelings, emotions, and intuition as opposed to your external personality and talking self.

11 Harmonious gifts of the Libra moon woman

1. She desires balance on every level

It’s no coincidence that Libra is represented by the scales. A moon in Libra woman has an innate desire for balance in her career, health, friendships, and romantic partnerships. She takes the “wheel of life” exercise to the extreme and will instantly sense when one area of her life is out of balance and want to harmonize it.

Balance puts her at ease and fills her with a sense of calm, the same way that being organized and having structure makes a Capricorn moon woman feel happy.

2. She seeks out calm over chaos

Because a Libra moon woman craves balance, she also needs zen environments that fill her with calm and peace. For example, she usually enjoys a simple and elegant home, an organized and clutter-free workspace, and being around easy-going and low-maintenance people.

When her life feels calm, she can be an oasis of tranquility for others. But if she finds herself in the throng of drama and erratic behavior, her emotions will likely be tested, and she will struggle to feel grounded. This is why she must choose her environments and relationships wisely.

3. The Libra moon woman is a peace-keeper

A Libra moon woman is known for being the most diplomatic of all moon signs. She has a talent for seeing things from every point of view and strikes an intuitive balance between listening and offering advice when she feels called to.

You’re unlikely to find this moon sign at the center of the drama, but rather putting out fires and encouraging everyone to forgive, kiss, and make up.

She might have learned the art of compromise from watching her mother while growing up and seeing her be objective, fair, or compromising often. This taught her how to keep the peace in various situations and the value of doing so.

However, a Libra moon woman must be careful not to fall into the trap of people-pleasing and putting everyone else’s peace above her own needs. Presensing what we want and need and acting on it is a form of self-love and care—it is not selfish to put yourself first.

4. She gets on well with everyone

Libra is an air sign which makes these moon women strong communicators. Their innate desire for harmony and calm means they can easily get on with others from all walks of life.

She is social, fair, and keen to compromise, which makes her well-liked and a brilliant woman to have on any team.

5. The moon sign in Libra woman is a natural negotiator

Her friends will know her as a peace-keeper, and her skills for negotiating and finding common ground are on point. She’s a pro at balancing conflicting interests, assessing every side of a situation objectively, and communicating fairly and harmoniously with everyone. People can feel this, and it softens them to her.

Because of her strong negotiating skills and love of communication, a moon sign in Libra woman will make a brilliant counselor, mentor, buyer, or salesperson.

6. She believes in fairness & justice

Principles and values are integral to a Libra moon woman. She was born with a strong sense of justice, and although she’s not the type to fight for justice, she will use her peace-maker skills to ensure fairness, justice, and equality are upheld. When she asserts her need to be fair to all, she often helps others see a new perspective and achieve a compromise.

However, in her attempt to be fair to all parties involved, she can grow indecisive and unsure of the best path to take. As long as she focuses on what is equitable for everyone (including herself) and is candid, she can see the right course of action.

Because of her strong belief in justice, a moon in Libra woman will often be drawn to a career as a lawyer, judge, or even a politician, just as long as she can make a clear difference and play her part in creating a fairer world.

7. Beautiful aesthetics are important to her

Her desire for balance and harmony will bleed into her surroundings. She will strive for beauty, simplicity, and symmetry in her home and workspace.

Libra moon women also tend to have a great eye for art and design (another potential career path!), are visual creatures, and have high standards when it comes to aesthetics. She instinctively knows how to create a beautiful and harmonious atmosphere, which helps her and her partner live in domestic bliss.

8. The Libra moon woman likes to be occupied

As a cardinal sign, the Libra moon woman likes to take action and always stay occupied. This doesn’t mean she should rush from one thing to the next. Taking her time to weigh her options and decide on the right course of action is imperative. But she must eventually make a choice because she will grow stagnant and restless in prolonged stillness.

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Sometimes, she hesitates to take action out of fear of doing something that others may not like, but she must find the strength within to act in spite of this.

9. She thrives on communication & connection

As an air sign, a Libra moon woman loves connecting with people and thrives on social interaction. If she’s in a rut, being with others can help clear the kinks in the hose, uplift, and reenergize her spirit.

Because she is a strong communicator and peace-keeper, people enjoy being around her. It’s easy, breezy, and drama-free.

10. She enjoys being in relationship

Libra is a relationship-oriented sign, and the Libra moon sign’s emotional identity is greatly shaped by her friendships, business relationships, or romantic ones.

A Libra moon woman may find herself hopping from one long-term relationship to the next, and as long as it doesn’t come from a needy, co-dependent place, this is good for her. She needs to be with others and is a born sharer—life feels more harmonious when she is in partnership rather than going it alone.

However, the danger here is that she may believe something is wrong when she isn’t in a relationship, which is not an empowering place to be. This can lead her to stay in a relationship that is ultimately not serving her in an attempt to avoid conflict and separation.

Conflict cannot always be avoided, and navigating this in relationships in a healthy way can strengthen those bonds. A Libra moon woman must learn to face issues rather than letting them fester and bubble over later.

As long as she puts her needs first and ensures they are met, she will bloom in her relationships.

11. She is a gentle and caring partner

Libra moon women are born caregivers, which could be another potential, fulfilling career path for her. She shows love by supporting and championing her friends, partner, and co-workers and is likely to be everyone’s rock.

Because she’s a strong communicator and mediator, she can usually express her emotions to others thoughtfully without creating conflict or hurting anyone’s feelings. Harmony and peace are two core values of a Libra moon woman. This is why she will always be a gentle, calm, and caring partner.

Are you a woman with her moon sign in Libra?

If Libra is your moon sign, I’d love to know if this resonates with you. What do you believe is your greatest gift as a Libra moon woman? What do you love most about your moon sign?

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