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The Spiritual Meaning Of The September Full Harvest Moon
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The Spiritual Meaning Of The September Full Harvest Moon
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The Spiritual Meaning Of The September Full Harvest Moon

harvest full moon spiritual meaning

The September full moon is also known as the harvest moon, but where does it get its name from, and what is the spiritual meaning and unique frequency of this moon?

In ancient times, people lived in moons rather than man-made months. The moon was a visible way of tracking time. Her 29-day cycle and four main phases (a mirror of our menstrual cycle) became integral to plans and actions.

Each full moon took place at a different time of the year, so the landscape looked different for each moon. The colors of the leaves, the temperature, what the animals were up to, the flowers in bloom, and the activities of people all changed. And this differed between communities in different parts of the world. So, each full moon was given a seasonal name.

Here are the common names for all the full moons throughout the year:

Keep reading to learn more about the September full harvest moon and its spiritual meaning + how to celebrate it with ritual.

What is the september full harvest moon?

Also known as: The barley moon, leaf moon, and yellow moon.

The September full harvest moon got its name because the moon’s light meant that farmers could work late into the night and harvest crops like root vegetables, beans, and grains. Modern farming uses artificial sources of light, but this was not an option back in the day.

The harvest moon also got its name because of the transition from late summer into autumn and the wonderful abundance of produce that can be harvested around this time. In olden times, this would be turned into jams, chutneys, and pickles and preserved for the long, cold winter months ahead.

In a spiritual sense, it’s also a time to celebrate the harvest in your life. The harvest moon always coincides with Mabon (autumn equinox). The wheel is turning once more, and we are called to return inward once more, reflect on and celebrate all that’s good in our lives, discover where we can find more balance, and let go of anything that no longer feels in alignment.

When is the september full harvest moon in 2024?

LA, United States: 17th September 19:34

London, United Kingdom: 18th September 03:34

Sydney, Australia: 18th September 12:34

Click here for the exact time of the September full harvest moon 2024 where you live.

What sign is the september full harvest moon in?

The September harvest full moon 2024 is in the sign of Aries, opposite where the sun is in Libra. This means that both the energies of these signs will influence this full moon.

Libra echoes the frequencies of balance, equilibrium, and justice. At the same time, the fire of Aries brings independence and courage and unleashes our inner warrior. This full moon is about transmuting the shadows and embracing the higher frequencies of both signs.

The spiritual meaning of the september full harvest moon

1. Release

The first spiritual meaning of the September full harvest moon is letting go of what no longer serves us. That could be patterns, beliefs, habits, clothing, places, and people. What served you a year or month ago might no longer support you today. This is one of the by-products of growth. And when we are willing to release what isn’t working, we open up space for even better things to flow in.

But for this to happen, we must release our grip, release control, and get comfortable in the in-between stage where we’ve left one thing and have yet to find our way to another.

What feels like it’s coming to a natural end?

Time to let go. Thank whatever it is for the journey to here, and wave goodbye to it with grace and conviction.

2. Balance

Another strong spiritual meaning or theme of the harvest moon is balance, reaffirmed by the autumn equinox and the sun sitting in the sign of Libra.

There are two equinoxes each year, and on these days, the day and night are of equal length. This makes it the perfect time to shine a light on all areas of your life and see where you can cultivate more balance.

It’s not possible to ever find a perfect balance. But feel into where you feel depleted or need more nourishment or support. How much are you giving versus receiving back into your cup?

Finding more balance and harmony in our lives can improve our connection to self and spirit, relationships with others, health, and creativity, and lead to transformation.

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3. Gratitude

The harvest full moon is a time to express gratitude for all the abundance in your life today. What have you manifested since Imbolc? How many desires and dreams have come true?

Look for the ways in which you are blessed, and you’ll be overflowing with gratitude.

Take some time on the September full moon to give thanks for everything around you, all that’s working well, and the beauty and bounty you have received.

4. Celebration

Once you’ve steeped in gratitude, celebrate all the wonderful things in your world. In olden times, there was an abundance of delicious crops at this time, so the harvest moon and equinox were usually celebrated with a big feast showcasing seasonal produce. But you can celebrate this full moon however you feel called to (you can find more ideas at the end of this article).

5. Slow down

The final spiritual meaning of the harvest moon is the call to turn inward once more, retreat, slow down, and cultivate more stillness in your world. In the northern hemisphere, it is this time that we start to notice the days shortening and the nights growing longer. Darkness sets in, there is a chill in the air, and we find ourselves moving into the dark time of the year.

This calls for less busyness, more restoration, and slow mornings. It doesn’t mean you can’t begin new projects and launch new offerings, but take time to be with yourself, contemplate, reflect, and pour back into your cup.

How to work with the september full harvest moon

I love creating a ceremony and engaging in ritual on the new or full moon and use the unique frequency and flavor of the moon to inform my ritual.

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate the harvest moon at home and embody the energy of the full moon.

Here are some september full harvest moon rituals to try at home:

  • Decorate your altar – use the colors of autumn—burnt oranges, honey and caramel browns, earthy reds and dark greens—forage things from outside like fallen leaves, nuts, seasonal fruits and flowers, and collect crystals like amber, citrine, garnet, and tiger’s eye. Arrange all of these things (and anything else you like) on your altar, and light a candle on the night of the full moon.
  • Share gratitude – write a list of the things you’re thankful for, or gather in circle with your loved ones and take turns to share and bask in each other’s harvest.
  • Harvest seasonal produce – pick fruits and veg from your garden, or head to your local farmer’s market and stock up on seasonal goodies. Use what you’ve collected to cook a delicious, seasonal meal for yourself or a big group of friends.
  • Releasejournal on what you want to release this harvest full moon. Don’t hold back; pour out your thoughts and feelings and gain clarity on what is no longer serving you.
  • Appreciate nature – make an offering to the Earth using foraged fruits, vegetables, nuts, and flowers, and thank her for all the abundance around you today.
  • Make art – let yourself be inspired by the beauty of nature at this time, and get creative, whether you paint, sing, dance, write, or bake.

Celebrate the september full harvest moon

Now that you understand the spiritual meaning of the September harvest full moon, I hope you enjoy celebrating it with a beautiful ritual that helps you bring more balance and harmony into your world.

Happy full moon.

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