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Full Moon In Aries Ritual: Fight For Your Soul Purpose
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aries full moon ritual
Full Moon In Aries Ritual: Fight For Your Soul Purpose
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Full Moon In Aries Ritual: Fight For Your Soul Purpose

aries full moon ritual

The full moon in Aries brings fire and awakens your inner warrior, but with the sun in Libra, we are called to find a balance between our purpose and passions and those of the people around us. As always, the moon shines a light on our shadows, and the challenge is to transmute the lower frequencies of both signs and align with the higher vibrations.

Let’s explore the frequency of this full moon in Aries and how to celebrate it with ritual at home.

The energy of a full moon

A full moon symbolizes expansion, celebration, and illumination. Grandmamma moon shines her light on our shadows and encourages us to meet the darkness within us all. It’s a time to take stock of all the abundance and beauty in your world and to shift your energy outward, whether that means spending time in nature, socializing with friends, or getting stuck into projects and hobbies.

The full moon phase is one of the four main phases in the lunar cycle, which mirrors our menstrual cycle. The full moon is linked to the ovulation phase, the season of summer, and the archetype of the mother.

When is the full moon in aries 2024?

LA, United States: 17th September 19:34

London, United Kingdom: 18th September 03:34

Sydney, Australia: 18th September 12:34

Click here for the exact time of the Aries full moon 2024 where you live.

The full moon phase always lasts 2-3 days, so if you plan to do a full moon ritual, do it while the full moon energy is still potent.

What is the full moon in aries about?

Feel into your soul purpose

Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars, which is all about taking action, standing for what you believe in, and unleashing your inner warrior in the world. It strongly focuses on the individual self and teaches that we each have a unique soul purpose and mission here in this lifetime.

Our job is to discover this purpose and spend the rest of our lives working to fulfill our mission. But finding what we’re here to do can take a long time. Many of us get lost and distracted along the way or disheartened by obstacles and battle with limiting beliefs and low self-worth. And not living out our purpose leaves us feeling unfulfilled and even angry as we compare where we are with our potential.

Regardless, your soul will continue to whisper, nudge, and prod at you to try and bring you back into alignment with your soul destiny. All the answers you seek are already within. This full moon in Aries can help you feel into your greater purpose and inspire you to take action toward it. Whether it’s cultivating a new supportive habit, starting a side project, switching careers, or walking away from a relationship, let this full moon bring awareness to the tweaks that will help you climb the right mountain.

Tend to the flame

On the journey to fulfilling our mission, it’s normal to lose passion, become stagnant, or forget why you began walking this path. But without this joy and excitement, you’ll struggle to keep moving forward and have the energy to overcome inevitable challenges that crop up.

In this state, it doesn’t take long to feel overwhelmed, drained, stuck, and even resentful.

If this sounds familiar to you, think about how you can shift your perspective and find more fun in your purpose again. Think about how you’re being re-routed and asked to evolve into the next stage of your growth.

Stagnation usually means we have grown bored with something and are no longer being challenged. So, instead of seeing this negatively, see it as an initiation to step up and evolve into more of who you already are on a soul level. And remember, anything worth having requires work, patience, and resilience.

Balance your cup and everyone else’s

Aries champions the individual self, while Libra prefers togetherness and focuses on the collective. One of the key themes of the full moon in Aries is to find the balance between prioritizing your own needs and desires and those of the people around you. It’s important to prioritize yourself because you cannot give to anyone if you’re empty. On the other side of the spectrum, pivoting too far toward being selfish will come at the cost of your relationships.

So, on this full moon, think about where you currently sit on this spectrum. Do you need to be more selfish or make more compromises so other people can fulfill their desires?

What are you willing to fight for?

Aries is the zodiac sign of the warrior. It represents that part of us that is willing to go into battle for what we believe in and overcome the unique set of challenges that we will meet along the way to fulfilling our soul destiny.

But the key is to choose your battles wisely. Fighting everything will leave you feeling drained and throw you off course while fighting for nothing prevents you from growing. ‘

So, what is worth fighting for?

Remember, this will be different for us all.

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Once you know what you want to go into battle for, can you find the courage, motivation, and fire to follow through?

A full moon in aries ritual

Below, I’ve collated some wonderful ritual ideas to celebrate the full moon in Aries and harness the unique frequency of this moon. Spend some time cleansing your space (and your energy) and setting up your altar.

I love to decorate my altar at the turning of the wheel, but you can also decorate it on the new and full moon using the zodiac to inspire you. For example, as the full moon is in Aries, you may want to add red objects (like a red candle) to your altar, an element of fire (lighting your candle is perfect), and crystals like carnelian, hematite, and garnet.

#1. Light it up

Aries is all about fire, so celebrating the full moon with a bonfire is a wonderful idea. If you want to scale things down, lighting a log fire indoors or even some candles around your home is a brilliant way to honor the element of fire and get your inner fire glowing.

#2. Be a warrior for yourself

You can’t fight for others without fighting for yourself first. So think about how you can root in your power, set boundaries that protect your energy, and pursue your purpose. Reflect on any habits or beliefs that hold you back and create new ones that support you. Don’t be afraid to be selfish on this full moon in Aries.

#3. Breath of fire

Breath of fire (known as kapalbhati breath) is a great way to release any pent-up anger, frustration, or stagnation, ground and center yourself, and also get energized.

Do a few rounds of this in the morning leading up to and following the full moon and any time you need to cleanse and energize. I always avoid doing this if I’m bleeding.

#4. Acknowledge your shadows

The full moon is always a fitting time to engage in shadow work, but more so now as we just celebrated the autumn equinox and are moving into the dark part of the year. The thing about shadow work is it doesn’t matter how many shadows you work through; there will always be more.

So, use this full moon in Aries ritual as an opportunity to heal any past wounds and meet your fears.

Ready to celebrate the full moon in aries?

How will you work with the energy of the Aries full moon? Share your thoughts and rituals with me in the comments below!

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