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Yoni Mapping Therapy To Reconnect, Heal & Open To Pleasure
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Yoni Mapping Therapy To Reconnect, Heal & Open To Pleasure

yoni mapping therapy

Yoni mapping therapy offers women a way to connect intimately to their yoni, relieve pain, heal sexual trauma, experience more pleasure, and so much more. But what exactly is yoni mapping, and how do you do it?

I’ll explore all of this and more in this post.

The word “yoni”

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the entire female genitalia and reproductive system. It means sacred space, source of all life, divine passage, and place of birth.

The moment I heard this word, it felt right, true, and empowering. I don’t know how you feel about terms like “pussy,” or “va-jay-jay,” but they have never sat well with me, and I now have a full-body cringe every time I hear the word “pussy.”

The word yoni captures the true sacredness, beauty, and magic of the vagina on both a physical and spiritual level. It recognizes that this is not simply a place where blood flows each moon or a baby grows and is given life (which is incredible), but also a portal to the divine, source, and the other realm.

This is what we are as women—we are vessels and bridges to the subtle realm. In ancient times, it was widely known that women were born with this divine connection, which is why women were the temple-keepers. But over time, with the rise of patriarchy and modern religion, the narrative has changed. Language has shifted. And in turn, the collective feeling towards women, the female body, and female pleasure has taken an oppressive turn.

Take a moment to sit with the word “yoni.” How does it feel in your body?

What is yoni mapping?

Yoni mapping is a form of internal massage where you use a finger (or internal massage tool) to “map” every inch of your vagina and record how each area feels. You record pain, tension, and anything that triggers trauma, numbness, and pleasure spots. With this yoni map, you can better understand your body, start to heal, and experience more pleasure.

yoni mapping therapy

Yoni mapping therapy

Unfortunately, many girls aren’t educated about the anatomy and sexuality of their genitalia and reproductive system. If they are, it’s taught from a purely biological and reproductive lens. Often, girls are given completely wrong information or taught by people who pass on their embarrassment and misguided opinions.

Yoni mapping therapy aims to give you a thorough understanding of your yoni and help you regain sovereignty over your body and sexuality. It involves working with a qualified practitioner who will map your yoni with you through several sessions. There is no expectation of you at all and no need to “perform” the way that so many of us learn to with sex.

Yoni mapping therapy will typically start with a consultation, education about your body, abdominal and pelvic massage, take-home practices, gentle external and internal yoni mapping, and a follow-up afterward.

Because this is such an intimate experience, it’s extremely important to work with a woman recommended by someone you trust and feel comfortable with. Don’t rush this step, and let your intuition guide you. And if you don’t feel comfortable doing this with anyone else, you can yoni map at home.

The benefits of yoni mapping

There are endless benefits of yoni mapping. One big benefit is that it will help you reconnect to your yoni and body and regain a sense of wholeness between them. Many of us feel disconnected from our yonis and bodies because we’re taught to feel shame around them or because we have experienced sexual trauma.

Whether that trauma is sexual assault or rape, having sex when we’re not turned on because we think we should or we want to please someone, or having our sexual boundaries crossed by a partner, yoni mapping therapy can pinpoint any areas of numbness or pain, help you process the trauma you’re holding onto, and begin the process of healing.

Yoni mapping is also a powerful tool for healing physically and emotionally after an abortion, miscarriage or giving birth. Plus, it can help you physically prepare your body and pelvis for birth by helping you relax and create more space, and release any emotional tension.

In terms of sex and pleasure, yoni mapping therapy can help you feel more confident in bed, set clear boundaries around sex and be more discerning with who you allow into your temple, explore new ways and areas to experience pleasure, address uncomfortable sex, and release any old habits or stories that no longer serve you.

Yoni mapping therapy can also offer another dimension to how you care for and nourish your body and help you tap into your creative energy by unblocking and healing your sacral chakra energy center.

7 Simple steps for a yoni mapping ritual at home

If you don’t feel comfortable going to a yoni mapping therapy session with a practitioner, or you don’t have the budget to gift this to yourself right now, you can recreate the experience at home. You can do it yourself or have your partner do it with you (just make sure you feel comfortable with them).

Here is a simple guide for a positive yoni mapping experience at home.

1. Gather your tools

You will need:

  • A towel
  • Yoni-friendly massage oil (coconut oil is perfect)
  • A piece of paper or journal
  • A pen
  • Optional: a crystal wand or other internal massage tool
  • Anything else you need to create a safe, relaxing space (candles, soft background music, a silky robe)

Draw a circle about the same circumference as a coffee mug on your paper. Number it like an old-fashioned clock, going from 12 through to 11. The circle is the entrance to your yoni, and “12 o’clock” is where your clitoris is.

2. Create a sacred space

yoni mapping therapy

Before you start yoni mapping, take some time to create a sacred space, the same way you would before sex or any other ritual.

Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed, like your bedroom. Make sure there’s no clutter and that your space is clean. I love to light some candles, put on a relaxing playlist (something spa-like is perfect), and take a shower or bath.

Remember that a yoni mapping session is not about pleasure or orgasming; it’s about connecting with your yoni and body on a deeper level and becoming more attuned to and aware of the deep sensations and feelings there.

3. Connect with yourself

The next step in your yoni mapping ritual is to find a comfortable position (seated or lying down), the same way you would before you meditate. Close your eyes and connect to your breath. You might like to place one hand on your heart and one on your lower belly. Lengthen and deepen each inhale and exhale.

Let go of any expectations you have for this session, your body, and the future. Be here now.

female pleasure

4. Set your intention

Take some time to set an intention for your yoni mapping session, like you might at the start of a yoga class or on a new moon.

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What would you like to receive from this experience?

Don’t set a goal because this will keep you attached to that specific outcome. An intention is different from a goal. It focuses more on how you want to feel and the general direction you want to move in. For example, your intention might be to show up for yourself, connect with your body, or reconnect with your yoni after an abortion.

5. Massage your yoni

Now you’re ready to lay your towel on your bed or sofa and lay back. It’s much easier to be naked from the waist down so that you have easy access to your yoni, but if it’s a little cold, keep a robe on or a cozy jumper.

Start by gently caressing your body all over. Next, begin to massage the outer part of your yoni with the oil. Do this slowly and gently. Trust your hands to go where they need to. Take your time here and spend as long as you like.

6. Start mapping

The next step is to start yoni mapping. Take some time to make sure the inside of your yoni is well lubricated with oil, as well as the finger or wand you will use. Only start to work your way inside when you feel like your vagina is relaxed and open—don’t force it.

Insert your finger in about 1 cm. Notice whether your muscles contract or relax. Begin at “12 o’clock” and hold your finger in that position for at least 5-10 seconds to see what arises. You may need longer, maybe even a couple of minutes. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being light as a feather and 10 being painful, you want to keep your pressure at about a 5 so that it feels like a deep massage. If any emotions rise to the surface, let them come up, feel them, and keep breathing. It’s okay to cry, to feel fear or arousal. It’s all okay.

Record any feelings, emotions, and sensations on your piece of paper.

When you’re done, move to “1 o’clock” and repeat the same process through all the positions until you complete the full circle. You can then move your finger or wand 1-2 cm deeper inside your vagina and repeat the process. Continue as deep as you wish. You might want to complete the first layer and then return to this process another time, which is okay too.

Each area of your yoni is likely to feel slightly different. Some areas will be painful, and some will feel tingly or pleasurable. It’s also normal to feel nothing in certain regions.

7. Reflect

After you complete your yoni mapping ritual, take some time to journal in more detail on the experience and the feelings that came up for you. Look at your yoni map and see if you can notice any patterns, themes, or things that surprise you. If you aren’t sure, you can repeat the yoni mapping process every few weeks until it becomes clear.

Don’t rush back into your day. If possible, take things slow for the rest of the day. Sit with everything that comes up and try to be present with those emotions and sensations. Give yourself permission to stay in this cozy cocoon you created. You could take a bath afterward, meditate, do some yoga, go for a walk, or do nothing (without judgment!).

sacred sex

How to use your yoni map

Now that you have your yoni map, use it to inform your self-pleasure and lovemaking sessions. Hopefully, you stumbled on some pleasure zones you didn’t even know about and can pay more attention to. Share your yoni map with your partner so they are more informed about what feels good for you (and what doesn’t).

Continue with massaging your yoni and add this to your pleasure sessions. Keep exploring. Play. Connect deeper to your body and sacred yoni temple. Watch as your relationship with your body, sexuality, and sex transforms, and your sexual experiences become so much more fulfilling and nourishing on all levels.

Have you ever tried yoni mapping at home or been to a yoni mapping therapy session? I’d love to hear about your experiences and revelations. Share them with me in the comments below.

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