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16 Best Crystals And Stones For Aquarius
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16 Best Crystals And Stones For Aquarius

best crystals and stones for aquarius

Were you born with your sun, moon, or rising sign in Aquarius, and you’re wondering which are the best stones and crystals to work with to balance your energy and tap into your unique gifts?

Everything you need to know about aquarius

Date: January 20th – February 18th (if your birthday falls between these dates, then Aquarius is your sun sign)

Element: Air

Symbol: The water bearer

Planetary ruler: Uranus

Aquarius is commonly mistaken for a water sign because it’s symbolized by the water bearer. But it’s actually an air sign. Aquarians are fiercely intelligent, social, and future-oriented. They’re innovative, extremely independent, and grounded dreamers.

Ruled by the planet Uranus, those with Aquarius in their chart tend to be original, open-minded, and not afraid to challenge the status quo.

What crystals are good for aquarius?

These are the best crystals for Aquarius signs:

  1. Amethyst
  2. Angelite
  3. Selenite
  4. Garnet
  5. Peacock Ore
  6. Black Onyx
  7. Azurite
  8. Aquamarine
  9. Hematite
  10. Red Jasper
  11. Amber
  12. Moss Agate
  13. Rose Quartz
  14. Larimar
  15. Rainbow Moonstone
  16. Pyrite

16 Best crystals for aquarius

The best crystals for Aquarius are ones that boost and strengthen your mental clarity, calm anxiety, and offer a grounding, soothing energy. Because Aquarians spend so much time in their heads, crystals and stones that help them find more balance and peace are like a breath of fresh air.

Work with these crystals if you are a sun, moon, or rising Aquarius or have a stellium of Aquarius in your chart (three or more placements) to unblock and overcome any challenges and embrace your strengths. And if you’re looking to flex and expand your mind and cultivate more independence, these crystals can help regardless of the placements in your birth chart.

The way I choose crystals is to follow the ones I’m instinctively drawn to purely on appearance or description. This can alleviate some of the paradox of choice and help you dip your toes into crystal witchery.

1. Amethyst

One of the primary birthstones for Aquarius is Amethyst, which is also the birthstone for anyone born in February. This soft purple-hued stone has long been revered by ancient Goddesses and is linked to the third eye and crown chakras.

Amethyst is a crystal that can help you connect on a deeper level to your intuition, which is great for Aquarians who constantly have so many ideas and don’t know which ones to say yes to and which ones to leave. You can use it when meditating to connect to your higher self and the Universe. And it can also boost your creativity, alleviate stress and anxiety, and calm an overactive mind.

aquarius birthstone

2. Angelite

Angelite is a soothing blue stone that can help you connect to spirit and angel guides anytime you seek support and reassurance.

This Aquarius crystal is also connected to the throat chakra. It will help you open up and communicate your ideas and thoughts more effectively, especially with people on a totally different page (or planet). If there’s a difficult conversation you know you need to have, carry Angelite to help you find the right words and communicate with more ease.

Aquarius is a humanitarian sign, and Angelite is one of the crystals that can help you discover where your unique gifts and powers of service are most needed. It can also help you visualize the path to your goals and help you break them down into smaller, manageable steps, so you know exactly what you need to do to get there.

3. Selenite

The name “selenite” comes from the Ancient Greek word for “moon,” which is also why the Greek Goddess who rules the moon is named Selene. It is white in color and has an ethereal, reflective vibe.

Selenite is one of the best crystals for Aquarius when it comes to releasing negative energy and gaining more clarity. Find yourself stuck in a negative funk or mind spiral? Selenite can help you heal these patterns and let go of anything heavy and disempowering.

It’s also a brilliant crystal for cleansing and charging other crystals. So, if you have a growing collection, think about adding Selenite to the mix.

4. Garnet

Garnet is the birthstone for January, so it’s often linked to the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. This crystal comes in an array of colors—red, green, orange, and brown—each of which has a unique energy that Aquarians may find helpful.

Garnet is a stone of passion, confidence, will, and manifestation. It can help Aquarius signs move more boldly toward their dreams while remaining grounded and unwavering. It’s particularly helpful to work with if you experience failure or loss on your journey (which we all do), and will help you dig deep, pick yourself back up, and keep going. Garnet enhances the natural gifts that Aquarians already possess.

5. Peacock Ore

Next up on this list of stones and crystals for Aquarius is a lesser-known one called Peacock Ore (its technical name is Chalcopyrite or Bornite, but doesn’t Peacock Ore just sound more magical?).

This rough, tarnished stone boasts a rainbow of iridescent metallic colors and promotes joy. It encourages us to smile, laugh, dance, and play more often—perfect for Aquarians (or anyone) who gets stuck in their mind and takes life too seriously.

This stone is linked to the Goddess of compassion, Kwan Yin. It can help us channel her guidance and support and move into a state of gratitude and empathy with all things.

Peacock Ore can also help us deepen our connection to the earth and spirit realms and find joy and peace in the present moment. At its core, this crystal has a radiant energy that inspires us to feel happier, more hopeful, and more confident.

6. Black Onyx

Black Onyx is primarily known for its negative energy banishing and protective properties (like most black crystals are). This is one of the best Aquarius crystals to work with anytime you feel an influx of negative thoughts and emotions, and you need to ground, balance and restore harmony in your world. Use it to calm your nerves and fears and gain more mental and spiritual strength.

This stone can also help you connect the dualities within your personality and become more self-aware.

7. Azurite

The sign of Aquarius has a rebellious and sometimes stubborn edge that can negate the softer creative, and compassionate energy of the water bearer. Brilliant blue Azurite is a stone that can reduce the intensity of some of Aquarius’s bolder traits so that they don’t morph into a negative quality.

This crystal can encourage Aquarians to slow down, take control of their emotions, and mellow their vibe.

Fun fact: the ancient Egyptians used to use Azurite to paint with.

8. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a gorgeous light blue stone that has an incredibly calming energy. This makes it ideal for soothing nerves and anxiety. It’s one of the best crystals for Aquarius because it promotes honesty and truth-seeking and boosts the clarity of the mind, which helps this sign speak its truth in a wise, thoughtful, concise way.

The sign of Aquarius is known for speaking up and out against social issues, unjust laws, and inequalities in the world and constantly questioning, “how can this be done better to serve the wider collective?” Aquamarine is the perfect companion for this work because it encourages social responsibility, and helps remove personal emotions and biases so that you can communicate with truth and service at the center.

The crystal can also help to declutter and sharpen the mind, which is useful when you need to make a decision and can’t quieten that internal chatter.

Aquamarine crystal

9. Hematite

Hematite is another crystal that can help Aquarius signs release negative energy. Especially self-imposed limitations that are usually formed during our childhood and are difficult to break through. This stone can help you view your beliefs in a healthier, clearer way so you can work through them, heal and move forward with peace and strength.

If you ever feel too stressed or anxious, sit and breathe or meditate for a few minutes with Hematite to welcome a positive, grounded wave of energy.

10. Red Jasper

The rebellious streak that Aquarians are notorious for is one of the things I love most about them. But to embrace this side of you and prevent it from becoming too extreme, you’ve got to balance it with a healthy dose of stability and rationalism.

Red Jasper is a nurturing crystal that can help you find this harmony and steadiness and reach an emotional equilibrium.

11. Amber

Next on this list of the best crystals for Aquarius is Amber, Technically it’s not a crystal or stone but a fossilized tree resin. But it does possess some incredible healing properties, which is why it usually gets given a hall pass. If you are currently ill or experiencing physical pain, work with Amber to heal this.

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This vibrant, golden-orange stone can help cleanse the mind, body, and soul of physical toxins and negative vibes, transforming this into positive energy. This makes it a fabulous crystal to work with when embarking on a new journey (a new job, business, or social mission).

It also emits a calming vibration which can be a welcome oasis for Aquarians who overwork themselves and are too caught up in trying to change the world that their health and well-being take a back seat.

12. Moss Agate

If your Aquarius placement often leads to a build-up in aggression or a fiery temper that explodes every now and then, and you struggle to manage your emotions, Moss Agate can help. This crystal is said to encourage emotional balance and inner tranquility—perfect for the sometimes hot-headed Aquarius.

Moss Agate can help balance your inner feminine and masculine, which are two halves of a whole. It’s a challenge every day to strike the right balance and shift from one energy to the other. Especially when we live in a masculine-dominated world where the masculine and feminine ideals we’re widely presented with are toxic versions of these divine energies.

When you notice you’re leaning too heavily into one, or moving into the shadow side, work with this stone to pull you back into harmony.

13. Rose Quartz

What crystals are good for aquarius?

Rose Quartz is famously known as a self-love stone that can improve your relationship with self and others. Aquarians are known for being compassionate, with an open mind eager to communicate with people from all walks of life. This is often what leads them to the path of fighting social injustices. They innately see all people as equal, but when they see that society does not, they embark on a mission to fix it.

Rose Quartz is one of the best Aquarius crystals to amplify your positive traits and garner a deeper level of understanding for people, especially when they hold views that are different from your own. This stone can strengthen your connection to and compassion for others and yourself.

14. Larimar

Larimar is one of the lesser-known crystals on this list for Aquarius. The stone is a light shade of volcanic blue, similar to the sky and ocean, and was discovered in the Caribbean (it can’t be found elsewhere).

Larimar is a crystal of calm and is also known as the stone of dolphins. With its sacred connection to the element of water, it’s the perfect stone to cool down a fiery Aquarius temper and simmer emotions into a relaxed, manageable state.

It’s also a meditative crystal that can relieve stress and is great to work with during times of overwhelm.

15. Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone (technically a type of Labradorite) is one of the best crystals for Aquarius. It’s infused with pure, optimistic vibes that cultivate a more positive outlook and reignite our inspiration.

If you’re the kind of Aquarian who often becomes disconnected from your emotions and sometimes shows up as cold or lacking in feelings, Rainbow Moonstone can help you connect with the emotional, nurturing, feminine side of you.

rainbow moonstone crystal

16. Pyrite

Finally, to end our list of the best crystals and stones for Aquarius, we have Pyrite—known for its strong connection to the sun.

This crystal will rekindle that fire within, boost your motivation and courage, and help you work on achieving your goals. If you’re ever feeling physically or mentally lethargic, Pyrite will give you the jolt you need to get going again.

It’s a manifestation stone that promotes wealth and prosperity and will give you the strength and will to take action and complete tasks. This is particularly important if you’re an Aquarius working on a larger scale to improve your community and the wider world.

How to work with these aquarius stones and crystals

There are different ways you can work with crystals and stones to make the most of their healing energy and magical properties:

  • Meditate with them
  • Wear a crystal on a necklace or bracelet
  • Carry them with you in a purse or pocket
  • Add them to your next bath ritual
  • Place them in sacred places around your home (like your altar)

Ready to harness the power of these aquarius stones and crystals?

Which crystals and stones on this list stand out to you? Where do you feel drawn?

Have you worked with any of these crystals before? If so, how have they helped you harness the unique gifts of Aquarius and balance your energy?

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