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15 Best Pisces Crystals And Stones For Intuition & Dreamwork
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15 Best Pisces Crystals And Stones For Intuition & Dreamwork

best crystals and stones for pisces

Whether you’re a Pisces sun, moon, or rising sign, working with specific crystals and stones can help you embrace the gifts and energy of this dreamy, sensitive, ethereal sign.

Maybe you’re a crystal witch looking for new stones to add to your collection. Or, you’ve found yourself in the middle of Pisces season, struggling to tune into this unique frequency and make the most of it. Or perhaps you have a lot of Pisces in your birth chart, and you want to know the best crystals and stones to work with all year round.

No matter why you found your way here, this post will give you a brief overview of the Pisces sign and energy, along with a list of the best stones and crystals to work with to embrace this and tips on how to work with your crystals and weave them into your everyday spiritual practices.

Everything you need to know about pisces

Date: February 19th – March 20th (if your birthday falls between these dates, then Pisces is your sun sign)

Element: Water

Symbol: Two fish

Planetary ruler: Neptune

Pisces is an intuitive and emotional sign that feels things deeply. This sign is known for its strong ability to sense things that others can’t and carry a great deal of empathy and a non-judgemental outlook. This is why people often come to them to share or seek advice on a problem.

Pisces is also a highly creative sign. These are the dreamers of the zodiac who have a wild imagination and are known for their idealism.

The two fish swimming in opposite directions symbolizes the duality of this sign. On the one hand, Pisces is a reflective, placid, observational sign that prefers to listen rather than talk, and enjoys being alone or in small groups rather than in large crowds. On the other hand, they are sociable at heart, and as a mutable sign, they are very adaptable and open to change. Another example of Pisces’s dual nature is they can be completely lost in a fantasy in one moment, then bring themselves back to the moment in an instant.

Those who have their sun, moon, or rising sign in Pisces or a stellium (more than three placements) of Pisces in their birth chart are likely to have a strong wave of this energy within them.

woman swimming ocean

What crystals are good for pisces?

The best Pisces crystals to work with are:

  • Amethyst
  • Aquamarine
  • Angelite
  • Labradorite
  • Fluorite
  • Turquoise
  • Apatite
  • Red Jasper
  • Bloodstone
  • Blue Lace Agate
  • Smithsonite
  • Citrine
  • Sodalite
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Lapis Lazuli

Pisces season (or whenever the new or full moon falls in this sign) is a great time to make space for dreaming, creative projects, and connecting to your emotions and intuition in a healthy way.

Pisceans often need help unblocking their throat chakra to speak their truth without fear of upsetting or offending anyone. Many of the blue crystals on this list will aid this. Working with red-colored stones connected to the root chakra will also help this sign ground itself in reality and the physical realm, perfect for anyone who gets caught up in their daydreams a little too often.

But the crystals and stones on this list can benefit everyone, regardless of whether you have Pisces in your chart.

My recommendation for choosing crystals is to work with the ones you are pulled towards, whether it’s the appearance, the name, or the healing properties that resonate with you. Let your intuition guide you.

15 Best crystals and stones for pisces

1. Amethyst

Amethyst is a Pisces birthstone (one of many) and is also a birthstone for anyone born in February. Because emotions run high with Pisceans, Amethyst is the perfect crystal to calm and soothe extreme feelings.

This is also one of the best crystals for Pisces and anyone who wants to embrace this sign’s energy because it helps you see your dreams and can enhance your awareness and spiritual connection.

Amethyst is a purple stone connected to the third eye chakra, which means it can amplify your intuition and intellect—two gifts innate to Pisces.

2. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is another Pisces birthstone and the birthstone for March.

This soothing stone has a strong connection to the ocean. Its name comes from the Latin phrase “aqua marina,” which translates to “sea water.” Pisceans may feel a pull toward this crystal as one of the three water signs of the zodiac and the only one represented by a creature that lives completely underwater.

Wearing aquamarine can offer protection if you’re ever traveling by boat or engaging in water sports like surfing or white water rafting.

This crystal is connected to both the heart and throat chakras. It can help you connect to your truth and find the courage to open up and communicate it with your inner circle. It’s also a meditative stone that can alleviate anxiety and fear and balance the duality of Pisces’ inner nature.

best crystals and stones for pisces

3. Angelite

Next on our list of Pisces stones and crystals is Angelite, also known as the stone of the Angel realm. This crystal can help deepen your spiritual connection, awaken any dormant psychic powers, and establish relationships with spirit guides and guardian angels.

Angelite taps into all three higher chakras (throat, third eye, and crown). It can help you express yourself with more clarity, expand your peace of mind, tap into your womb wisdom, and help divine messages come through to you in your dreams.

4. Labradorite

Labradorite is one of the loveliest crystals for Pisces and also another birthstone. Known as the stone of magic, this crystal will bring you good luck and fortune. It’s also one of the best crystals for awakening your creative, artistic talents (which Pisces is well known for).

Labradorite offers powerful lessons for Pisces, who give too much of themselves to others. This stone can help you find a harmonic balance between pouring into your cup and empathizing with and supporting the people around you.

5. Fluorite

True to its water element, Pisces is one of the more emotional signs of the zodiac, which can quickly lead to energetic blockages in the chakras and prevent the flow of life force within. Fluorite is one of the best crystals for Pisces because it can help clear these energy centers and allow the prana or chi to flow freely again.

Fluorite also has a strong connection to the third eye chakra. It can improve Pisceans’ mental focus, opening your mind to fresh ideas and offering clarity to your thoughts. This sign is known for its mental strength, but it can sometimes get confused, distracted, or caught up in a fantasy world. Work with this crystal anytime you need a boost of focus.

6. Turquoise

Turquoise is one of my favorite crystals because it evokes beautiful, crystal-clear, green-blue water on a summer vacation, with the sun beaming down from a cloudless blue sky.

This stone was revered by Queens, Goddesses, and Shamans back in the day because of its metaphysical properties.

Turquoise has a soothing energy that is perfect for Pisces prone to anxiety and taking on negative vibrations. This crystal can boost your physical, mental, and spiritual powers while sending an extra bit of luck and abundance your way.

turquoise water

7. Apatite

Apatite is one of the best crystals for Pisces because it clears doubt and confusion and offers clarity.

This stone can also fill you with the confidence to find your voice, claim your truth, and live a more authentic life. It’s the perfect stone for anyone who feels like they are often not seen or heard or wearing a mask in the world that they are itching to remove. Apatite reminds us that we do not need to fight to live a true, honest existence—this is our birthright.

8. Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a crystal connected to the root chakra. It will help the dreamy, idealist sign of Pisces stay rooted in the earth and grounded in reality. If you find yourself drifting away and struggling to stay in the present, this is the stone to call on.

Red Jasper also offers protection to sweet, people-pleasing Pisces who are often taken advantage of.

9. Bloodstone

Bloodstone is another of the best crystals for Pisces, who need to feel grounded and reconnect with the physical realm. It will strengthen your connection to reality and help gently bring you back down to earth whenever you’re lost in dreamland or away with the literal fairies.

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Bloodstone can also calm and heal you during challenging times when you are in emotional distress, such as grief, heartbreak, abandonment, or betrayal. It will help you release the victim story that Pisceans often cling to and give you the strength to let go of the past and move forward, embracing your inner warrior.

This stone will guide you back to a frequency of love, kindness, and patience towards others and yourself (which many Pisces struggle with).

10. Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is a pale blue stone with strands of white on the surface and is primarily connected to the throat chakra. It will help you open to communicating your feelings, grievances, and truths and be real with loved ones about what’s going on behind closed doors. To do this, we must first release any emotions or beliefs that stand in our way and silence us.

This is one of the best crystals for Pisces because it has a calming energy that can help you deal with a challenging situation or unexpected life event that turns your world upside down. So if you ever feel anxious, stressed, or even a little too restless, work with Blue Lace Agate to soothe this tension and return to peace.

11. Smithsonite

Ruled by the planet Neptune, Pisces is a deeply psychic sign, and Smithsonite is one of the crystals that can help Pisces tap into and strengthen this gift. So if you’re even a little bit curious or pulled toward exploring your unseen gifts, this is the stone for you.

Smithsonite is a crystal with a kind, compassionate energy that helps you practice more self-care while supporting others. It can also help reduce stress and balance your emotions so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

12. Citrine

Citrine is a bright yellow-orange stone known for the joy and abundance it can bring into anyone’s world. This crystal can help lift the spirit of Pisceans when they are stuck in a negative mindset and encourage them to focus on all that’s good. Because when we do this, we often find endless things to be grateful for.

Citrine can give you the boost of energy and motivation you need to get going, whether it’s finding time to do something creative, starting a new project at work, or painting the house you just moved into.

Citrine is also great for helping us set and honor boundaries, an important lesson for Pisces, who can easily be used and abused if they haven’t established clear boundaries in their relationships.

best crystals and stones for pisces

13. Sodalite

Next on our list of the best crystals for Pisces season is Sodalite. Another strong stone for tapping into your intuition and expressing your true self without letting your emotions steal the show. There are times to take a stand and speak up, and other times to remain silent. Discerning the right time for both of these requires us to be deeply in tune with our inner voice.

Sodalite is also good for balancing emotions and stimulating creativity.

14. Black Tourmaline

Pisces is a super sensitive and emotional sign which means people with a lot of this energy in their birth chart are prone to absorbing negative vibrations from their surroundings more than most people are.

All the water signs (Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio) have this trait. And while this means you can deeply empathize with others and sense how they feel without them saying a word, it also means that you can easily be drained or drowned by all this energy that is not your own.

Black Tourmaline is one of the best stones and crystals for Pisces because it absorbs negative energy and can protect you from bad vibes and evil spirits. If you struggle around others because you take on their feelings as your own and often end up in a worse place because of it, consider wearing or carrying Black Tourmaline with you wherever you go.

15. Lapis Lazuli

The final Pisces crystal to complete this list is Lapis Lazuli, the performer’s stone and a stone of luck.

This magical stone is connected to the throat chakra and the third eye chakra. It can boost communication, intellect, and intuition and encourage us to be honest and express our truth.

Lapis Lazuli is known for improving creative abilities, which is particularly beneficial if you have a creative career, for example, as an artist, writer, or dancer, but also if you need a little help unleashing your creatrix. It’s also great for anyone who regularly ” performs,” including teachers, actors, and politicians.

How to work with these pisces stones and crystals

There are endless ways to work with crystals and integrate them into your daily practices.

  • Meditate with crystals
  • Wear them as jewelry
  • Carry them in a handbag or pocket
  • Pop them into a bath for extra water magic
  • Use them in a spell jar
  • Place them on your altar

Ready to harness the power of crystal magic?

Are there any crystals and stones that are pulling you toward them? Do you have any of these crystals in your collection already? And if so, how have they helped you channel the dreamy, intuitive, creative energy of Pisces in your life? Tell me all in the comments below!

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