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Full Moon In Libra Ritual: Balance & Boundaries
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Full Moon In Libra Ritual: Balance & Boundaries

full moon in libra ritual

The Aries-Libra dynamic is all about relationships. The sun in Aries is focused on our relationship with ourselves, encouraging us to make bold, independent choices based on instinct. Meanwhile, the moon in Libra is focused on relationships with others, connection, balance, and compromise.

On this full moon in Libra, expect all the emotions, inequity, and imbalances tied to your relationships to come to the forefront. Do you need to strike a healthier balance between meeting your own needs and that of others? Setting and embodying boundaries to protect your energy, peace, and heart is a key theme for the Libra full moon. Anything that feels inauthentic or out of alignment must be reworked or released.

What does a full moon symbolize?

A full moon is one of the most high-energy phases of the moon cycle. It’s a climax, an illumination. If it’s a clear night, the moon will appear as a big sphere of white light, beaming down on us during the night.

Each moon phase (there are 8-9 in total, but four main ones) has a unique energy. A full moon is about expansion, celebration, the divine feminine and shines a light on our shadows. It’s also a time to look back at all we have manifested since the new moon (or many moons ago) and practice gratitude for all the good and all the beauty in our lives.

Each of the four main moon phases (new moon, waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon) is also linked to a phase of the menstrual cycle. The full moon is linked to ovulation.

When is the full moon in libra 2024?

LA, United States: March 25th at 00:00

London, United Kingdom: March 25th at 07:00

Sydney, Australia: March 25th at 18:00

Click here for the exact time of the Libra full moon 2024 where you live.

The full moon phase always lasts between 2-3 days, so it’s best to do your full moon ritual on any of these days while her energy is still potent.

What is the full moon in libra about?

Powerful women in your life take center stage

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, relationships, and the divine feminine. On this full moon, expect your relationships with women to come into the spotlight. This could be your mother, sisters, friends, mentors, or even public figures you admire.

If you have been craving more friendship, love, and connection or feel called to mend a broken relationship, there’s no better time than now.

Reassess your current relationships

The full moon in Libra invites you to reflect on all your relationships and see which ones nourish you and which feel heavy.

Think of all the people in your life, one by one, and make a note of how you feel. Do the same after you spend time with each of them. There will be people who uplift, inspire, and energize you and others who drain you and leave you in a negative space.

Sometimes, a relationship can start off as positive and supportive but evolve over time as we do. Also, think about how each of your relationships serves your soul mission and how you support other people’s missions. Relationships are about compromise, so decide what you are willing to compromise and what is non-negotiable. Now is the time to make some adjustments, and that’s where boundaries can help you.

Greater awareness of your boundaries

Do you lack boundaries? This often shows up in people-pleasing, saying “yes” when you want to say “no,” being easily affected by other people’s energy and emotions, and being afraid of asserting your needs because you don’t want to offend or hurt anyone. Another sign you have poor boundaries is if you often feel anger towards others for crossing your boundaries or toward yourself for not having firmer boundaries or asserting them. You may also struggle to focus, feel scattered, and be emotionally unstable.

Boundaries are essential for healthy relationships. They also create peace within ourselves and help us to live in the vibration we choose rather than being a sponge for other people’s energy. Boundaries help us strike a balance between giving to ourselves and giving to others. And they help us focus on the important things and stay on track with our soul purpose.

So on this full moon in Libra, reflect on whether you need more boundaries in certain relationships or all of them.

Find balance between boundaries and connection

Boundaries are essential, but too many boundaries lead to a guarded person with a closed heart who is not open to any connection. And as human beings, we are wired for connection and love. We need it.

This full moon in Libra is about finding a healthy balance between setting boundaries so that we can build and coexist in healthy relationships and still being open to love.

Our job is to stay true to our soul path, and Aries reminds us that this is our most important task. But Libra chimes in and says, yes, but the journey will be far more rewarding when shared with others. The challenge is to find people you can grow with as an individual, but also together.

A full moon in libra ritual

There is no right or wrong way to do a full moon ritual. Below, you’ll find some suggestions to help you celebrate the energy of the Libra full moon with ritual, but these can just be a starting point. Select just one thing to do, or do them all. Do none of them, and let your intuition guide you and celebrate this moon however you need to.

1. Set up your space

At the start of any ritual, it’s important to physically and energetically cleanse your space and your self. Click here for some simple energy cleansing ideas. You can burn some herbs, use an essential oil spray, use sound, or simply visualize the energy being cleansed.

Do whatever else you need to do to make this ritual feel sacred. I always light a candle, make sure I’m in a quiet space where I won’t be disturbed, and sometimes I put on some peaceful instrumental music in the background.

2. Do a walking meditation

Libra is an Air sign, and if you live in the Northern hemisphere, this is also the time of year when we move fully into spring. So a simple but beautiful way to celebrate both in your Libra full moon ritual is to take yourself on a walking meditation outdoors.

Be in nature. Drink in the fresh air. Leave your phone at home, or put it on airplane mode. Open your eyes and really notice everything around you. Plant your bare feet on the earth. Touch a tree. What can you see, smell, feel, and hear?

Gather some bits and pieces along your trail. Flowers, leaves, stones, pebbles, herbs, etc., and thank Gaia as you take these. You can use them to decorate your altar or to make a crystal grid.

3. Create a crystal grid

Libra is a sign of beauty, and creating a crystal grid can embody this theme while helping you call in more of whatever you wish into your world.

The best crystals for Libra include:

  • Lapis lazuli
  • Citrine
  • Labradorite
  • Aquamarine
  • Moonstone
  • Sapphire
  • Rose quartz
  • Agate
  • Opal
  • Green aventurine
  • Turquoise

But use your intuition and choose crystals you feel drawn to on this Libra full moon.

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If you don’t have any crystals, you can use flowers, leaves, stones, and other things that can easily be foraged outdoors.

Set up your crystal grid somewhere the moonlight will bean down on it, if possible. Just make sure that no little people or animals can get to it and interfere or swallow something. Use a crystal grid cloth if you have one, a simple scarf or piece of material, or arrange it straight onto a tray or surface.

With crystal grids, symmetry is important. You want to create a pattern that is as symmetrical as possible because this helps energy flow in a balanced way. You can use a sacred geometry template to inspire you, but be as creative as you wish. As you arrange your crystals or other objects, think about what you want to call in or manifest this full moon.

You can leave your crystal grid up for as long as you like. Just know that when you remove the crystals from your grid, they will be supercharged with energy, perfect to use in other spells and rituals!

4. Reflect on your relationships

Another great idea for a full moon in Libra ritual is to reflect on your relationships. You can do this by journaling on past relationships that are still causing you pain or affecting your present relationships and by journaling on your current relationships and how they make you feel.

If you have a particularly challenging relationship, write them a letter expressing everything you want to say but haven’t found the words or courage to. When you’re done, rip it up or burn it to symbolize a release of all these feelings and emotions. Alternatively, if you feel brave and it feels appropriate, send it to them.

Here are some journal prompts to get you started:

  • How does this person make me feel?
  • If I could change one thing about this relationship, it would be…
  • What fears and insecurities do I have in my relationships?
  • Where do these fears and insecurities come from?
  • How can I overcome these fears and insecurities and create stronger, healthier connections?

5. Visualize your dream life

Get comfy, either in a seated position or lying down. Close your eyes and let your imagination wander. What does your dream life look like? What is your biggest, wildest dream? How will you feel when it comes true? What can you see, and who is with you?

Some dreams (especially big ones) take time to manifest. So think about what you’d like to manifest over the next moon and the next 13 moons (year). This could be something material, a feeling, more balance in a specific area of your life, connection, or something else. Allow yourself to really feel like it has come true. Afterward, journal on what you visualized, or draw it.

Next, think about what’s holding you back from your dreams. Limiting beliefs, old stories, toxic patterns, people, or past wounds. You might want to write a letter to yourself about this. When you’re done, think about one thing you can let go of or do between now and the second new moon in Aries to help you overcome these obstacles and move one step closer to your dream life.

6. Make some herby moon tea

Gather a seasonal selection of fresh or dried herbs (for example, lavender, nettle, elderflower). Place them into a mason jar, add a crystal if you feel called to (just make sure it’s water resistant) and fill it with freshly boiled water. You may wish to repeat an affirmation as you do this that aligns with what you want to call in more of on this Libra full moon.

Place your jar on a window ledge where it will catch the moonlight and steep overnight. Just ensure it’s out of reach of any little hands or paws!

The next day, collect your jar, strain the water into a cup, and sip on your moon tea. Repeat your intention or affirmation again as you drink.

You can also add some of your moon tea into a bath and have yourself a full moon bath ritual.

Ready to celebrate the full moon in libra with ritual?

How will you work with the energy of the Libra full moon and celebrate it with ritual? Share your rituals with me in the comments below!

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