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The Full Moon In Aquarius: Individual Meets Collective
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The Full Moon In Aquarius: Individual Meets Collective

full moon in aquarius ritual

The full moon in Aquarius (also known as the Sturgeon moon) is just a few days away, but what is the unique frequency of this moon, and how can you best honor and celebrate it with ritual?

This full moon, we’re working with the opposing signs of Aquarius (where the moon is) and Leo (where the sun is). Aquarius represents the collective, while Leo represents the individual self. This moon is all about finding the balance between these two pulls. Finding a sense of connection and belonging with the collective, daring to meet and speak our individual truth, and challenging the status quo to build a brighter future for all.

What does a full moon symbolize?

A full moon happens roughly every 29 days. It is a time to let go of anything that no longer serves you, celebrate all the abundance in your life, expand and evolve into your next self, and shine a light on your shadows.

Each of the four main phases of the lunar cycle is linked to one of the four phases of our menstrual cycle. The full moon is connected to the ovulation phase, symbolizing fertility, growth, the season of summer, and the mother archetype.

When is the full moon in aquarius 2024?

LA, United States: 19th August 11:25

London, United Kingdom: 19th August 19:25

Sydney, Australia: 20th August 04:25

Click here to find the exact time of the Aquarius full moon 2024 where you live.

The full moon phase always lasts 2-3 days, so try to complete your full moon ritual while the full moon energy is still potent.

What is the full moon in aquarius about?

Feel into the collective frequency

The heart of Aquarius is the collective consciousness, which includes all people in society and their thoughts, beliefs, and patterns, as well as current structures, rules, and authority figures. We see glimmers of this collective frequency through media, advertisements, government conversations, and interactions with our friends, work colleagues, and wider communities. Aquarius plays a large part in guiding this frequency and changing it for the better.

So on this full moon in Aquarius, feel into the collective frequency, and become more aware of what the world around you is thinking, feeling, and hoping for. How are you influenced by this frequency, particularly in how you define success and freedom?

A reminder that you belong to something bigger than you

Leo is self-focused, while Aquarius enjoys being part of an interconnected web that forms the entire Universe. This full moon asks us to explore the relationship between individuality and collaboration.

When we understand that we are part of something greater than ourselves but also have the confidence and courage to trust in our individual ideas and beliefs and act on them, we have an opportunity to improve the world around us. True belonging gives us the freedom to be authentic and speak our truth without fear of being judged or rejected.

The question is, are you leaning too heavily toward your individual needs or society’s needs? Do you feel like you belong here? And if not, how can you find a greater sense of purpose, meaning, and belonging?

Are you too wrapped up in your wants and needs, or do you tend to bend and mold yourself to accommodate others? Are you committed to improving the lives of everyone on Earth and leaving the world a better place than the one you were born into? Are you showing up for yourself but also for humanity?

Find your truth & freedom

The Aquarius full moon also asks us to reflect on how society influences us negatively, keeping us from our individuality and authenticity. A widespread “pack” mentality in our society encourages us to conform, blend, and not color outside of the lines. And often, if we refuse to do so, we are punished, whether it’s through criticism, ostracization, judgment, ridicule, verbal threats, and in extreme cases, prison.

Naturally, we need certain laws and rules to maintain a functional society and ensure the safety of all. But our society right now is full of patriarchal systems that encourage conformity and discourage thinking for yourself. And as children, we inherit the thoughts and beliefs of the people we spend the most time with (usually our parents and teachers) and carry these into adulthood, not realizing that they are not our own and do not serve us at the highest level.

So think about what thoughts, beliefs, and habits you currently hold onto that are not your own or do not empower you. What feels more empowering and true? How can you bring more of this into your life and your world?

Remember that it is okay to change and grow. In fact, this is the heart of life. Not everyone will accept this growth, but know that letting go of what no longer feels right so you can become more of who you already are is how you best serve your individual needs and the collective’s.

By having the courage to live your truth, you give other people inspiration and permission to do the same. And this is how we change the world, one small ripple at a time.

Rebel with a cause

Aquarius is something of a paradox, as we all are. It channels its energy to unite the collective and form social structures and systems, but at the same time, it also helps us tear down old systems and ways of thinking that no longer serve us and paves a new way forward for humanity. And the only way to do this is to rebel, which is one of the core archetypes of this sign.

In any collective, there will be a group of people who are the first to outgrow it. These rebels, misfits, and rule breakers create change and transform society for the better. There is risk involved, and fear of rejection, but true rebels are willing to accept this risk for the vision of a brighter future.

On this Aquarius full moon, think about what is no longer working in your life, community, and the wider world. What can we do better? What change would you love to see before you die? Is there a group or community you could form to create this change? How can you challenge the status quo in your own life and help evolve the collective in the process?

An urge to be social

The full moon is always a time of expansion, high energy, and celebration. But the full moon in Aquarius is a super social moon that will turbocharge your energy and activity levels. It’s common to desire to get outdoors, be with people, party till dawn, and wake up and do it all over again.

This will depend on what else is going on in your life and where you are in your menstrual cycle (if you still have one). So tune into how you feel and where your energy levels are, and make wise woman choices.

Love is the highest vibration

The final thing to know about the Aquarius full moon is that at the heart of both Aquarius and Leo, we find love. With Aquarius, it’s about loving every single person in the collective for how unique they are and the gifts they bring to the world. With Leo, it’s about nurturing love for yourself first, which then radiates outward.

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How can you love yourself more and better love the collective you are an integral part of without betraying yourself and your truth?

A full moon in aquarius ritual

I love to use the zodiac to inspire my new and full moon rituals. As we’re in the sign of Aquarius this time, think about the elements, colors, crystals, etc., that you can weave into your altar and ritual.

Below, I’ve collated some ways to celebrate the Aquarius full moon with ritual. Take and leave what you like, add your ideas, and make this ritual feel magical.

I always begin by cleansing my space (and myself) of stagnant energy. Burn some herbs, light a candle, visualize the cleansing, use a salt spray, or check out this list for more ideas.

#1. Breathe

Begin your Aquarius full moon ritual by taking some deep breaths. This can be super cleansing and energizing as Aquarius is linked to the element of air.

Lengthen each inhale and exhale. With each breath you take, imagine letting go of all that is heavy and feeling lighter, freer, stronger, and more compassionate.

#2. Let go

What thoughts, beliefs, patterns, and habits have you learned over the years that are not your own and no longer serve you and the woman you are becoming?

Make a list and burn it using the flame of a candle or by throwing it into a fire. Visualize all these things leaving your body and no longer being a part of you.

#3. Express yourself

On this full moon in Aquarius, one of the invitations is to connect with our truth and express ourselves freely, despite the fear we may feel. So think of ways you can express yourself at a deeper level.

Maybe that means wearing something more authentic, having an honest conversation with a friend, saying yes or no when you want to, or standing up for something (or someone).

#4. Connect

The final way to celebrate the full moon in Aquarius is to make connection a part of your ritual. Maybe that means you join a virtual or in-person full moon circle or host your own. Arrange to meet up with people you love, get outdoors (weather permitting), and have fun. Immerse yourself in your community, your tribe, your soul family, and tap into the frequency of belonging.

Ready to celebrate the full moon in aquarius?

How will you work with the energy of the Aquarius full moon? Share your thoughts and rituals with me in the comments below!

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