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Venus In Taurus Woman: Grounded, Sensual & Devoted
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Venus In Taurus Woman: Grounded, Sensual & Devoted

venus in taurus woman

Are you a woman with the planet Venus in the sign of Taurus in your birth chart?

Venus is the planet of love, relationships, and the divine feminine. If you’re a woman, your Venus sign tends to point to the woman you came here to be. If you’re a man, your Venus placement indicates the kind of partner you’re likely to be drawn to.

What’s even more interesting about the Venus in Taurus placement is Venus rules the sign of Taurus, which means this placement feels very fitting and at home.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign represented by the bull. This sign is known for being very grounded, sensual, and in love with the beauty of mamma earth and life. And a Venus in Taurus woman carries many of these qualities with her, specifically in her dating life and romantic relationships.

What is my venus sign?

You can view your birth chart here if you’re unsure of your Venus placement.

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Everything you need to know about the venus in taurus woman

Keywords: Sensual, affectionate, grounded, provider, luxury, stable, devoted, pleasure-seeker, abundant, indulgent, committed, stubborn.

Compatibility: A Venus in Taurus woman will pair well with other earth signs who are equally steady, grounded, and committed regarding relationships. Particularly Capricorn, a very hard-working, driven sign that will match the “provider” in the Venus in Taurus woman (more on that later).

A man with his sun, moon, rising, or Mars in Leo could also be an interesting match, as these signs share a love for the finer things in life, beauty, and abundance.

1. She’s looking for a real, grounded kind of love

As an earth sign, the Venus in Taurus woman has her bare feet planted firmly on the grass and is looking for real, worldly love. She favors stability over passion and commitment over casual flings. That doesn’t mean she will never enjoy something fleeting, but if she does, she does so in a non-committed way, knowing that it is not for keeps.

Does she love romance? Yes. But she is drawn to someone steady, reliable, and grounded over the sexy, mysterious traveler who calls the world his home and is only in town for the next few months.

2. The venus in taurus woman is physically warm & affectionate

A Venus in Taurus woman shows her love through physical affection, and physical touch may well be one of her primary love languages. She is dependable, supportive, and has an earthy, warm vibe that creates a sense of closeness in all her relationships. If you have a Venus in Taurus woman in your life, you will feel physically loved and cared for.

3. She is true a daughter of mamma nature

As women, we are all daughters of mamma earth. But the Venus in Taurus woman is at home in nature and more rooted to the physical planet than most.

She enjoys being outdoors, whether picnicking in a beautiful botanical garden, watching the sunset on the beach, or sleeping out under the stars. These are the kind of dates she loves to be whisked away on. But comfort is equally important, so don’t expect her to rough it out!

4. The way to her heart is through her five senses

There is no one more sensual than the Venus in Taurus woman. She loves life and enjoys creating experiences where all the senses are teased and tended to. If you want to win her heart, delight her senses.

Whether it’s a delicious home-cooked meal bursting with flavors and spices, a decadent chocolatey pudding, luxurious fabrics enveloping her skin, or the sweet and citrusy aroma of a mandarin and basil reed diffuser wafting throughout her home. This is what romance means to her, and each of these little bursts of pleasure is the perfect appetizer to lead into the bedroom.

5. She is the garden of pleasure

The Venus in Taurus woman is where pleasure is seeded and grown. This woman is highly skilled and evolved in giving and inviting pleasure and love. And this is why women with this placement will tend to radiate joy, beauty, and warmth. We feel good simply being in their presence because they are adept at something that many of us struggle with our entire lives: being able to receive.

The Venus in Taurus woman holds onto things that are beautiful, pleasurable, and lush. She is an expert at cultivating these in the garden of a relationship. She needs a lover and a partner who can match the pleasure she both oozes and craves.

6. A venus in taurus woman enjoys the finer things in life

Money and abundance are key themes and expressions of the Venus in Taurus woman. She has an innate taste for the finer things in life, all of which appeal to her five senses. Tasting menus in fine-dining restaurants, precious jewelry and silky fabrics to adorn her body, beautiful artwork hung in her home, and luxurious bamboo cotton bed sheets to sleep on.

These material things satisfy her need for beauty and luxury and her innate desire for security and comfort. The steady and cautious side of this sign helps the Venus in Taurus woman strike a healthy balance between frugality and hedonism. She recognizes a need to save but an equal desire to splurge now and then. And she will enjoy a partner who joins her in pursuit of luxury and pleasure.

7. She is looking for someone who backs up their words with action

A Venus in Taurus woman is drawn to people who offer the stability, commitment, and security she craves. What you tell her matters very little compared to what you do. Words are cheap, and she will look for action. Do you mean what you say? Do you keep your promises? Or are you just full of shit?

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If it’s the latter, expect her to notice quickly and lose interest just as fast.

8. She takes it slow and steady in love

The Venus in Taurus woman may initially seem a little reserved in dating and relationships, but this is because she is looking for something that lasts. She wants to make sure she’s with the right person who values commitment and devotion to love as much as she does. She won’t feel pressured into making a choice or a change unless she’s certain it’s the right move for her.

Although she moves at a slow and steady pace, once she warms to you, she is reliable, dedicated, and loyal to the end.

9. The venus in taurus woman is a born provider

The Venus in Taurus woman may have had to take on a caregiver role when she was younger and be the provider in her family, friendship groups, or maybe her wider community. Perhaps she was cooking dinner for her siblings in the evenings, helping her friends with homework, cleaning up after the Friday night college party, or volunteering in the homeless shelter in town.

Sometimes she takes on this role as the provider because of the generosity of her heart, and other times because she feels it is her duty. She struggles to accept that she does not have to be the one to always assume this role and that others can be providers too. Ultimately, she wants to be a provider by choice and not have this heavy expectation placed on her by others.

10. She reminds us that love is a choice

The Venus in Taurus woman understands that love is a choice we all get to make. This woman gives love her own definition, decides what it means, and what she will seed in her garden. It’s about sovereignty and making conscious choices. We cannot know where a love or relationship will grow and weave in the future, but we are in control of whether it begins at all.

She recognizes that her affection, support, and providing nature are only considered acts of love when they are a choice she chooses of her own free will and not as an obligation. And she expects love to always be a choice.

11. She is devoted to her object of desire

Once a Venus in Taurus woman is sure of her choice, she becomes deeply devoted and rooted to that person and relationship. In her dark side, she can grow jealous and possessive and attempt to “tie” her lover down. In her light side, she offers the support and stability needed for both individuals and the relationship to bloom.

Are you a venus in taurus woman?

Are you a woman with your Venus at home in the sign of earthy, sensual Taurus? Do these gifts sound familiar to you when it comes to how you date and the kind of lovers and relationships you’re attracted to?

Share all your comments, thoughts, and questions with me in the comments below.

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