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Venus In Scorpio Woman: Intense, Dark & Mysterious
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Venus In Scorpio Woman: Intense, Dark & Mysterious

venus in scorpio woman

Are you a woman with your Venus in the sign of Scorpio? Have you ever wondered what unique gifts this placement has infused within you and how you can work with these to live a more peaceful, fulfilling, soul-aligned life?

Venus is the planet of the feminine, romance, sex, love, and relationships. If you’re a woman, your Venus sign will point to the woman you came here to be in this lifetime and the feminine frequency men feel in your presence.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign full of depth, darkness, and intensity, and it’s not exactly at home in the planet of Venus. In fact, this placement is labeled “in detriment” because Venus rules the sign of Taurus, which is Scorpio’s opposite in the zodiac. But at the heart of all this mystery and secrecy, a Venus in Scorpio woman is fiercely loyal in relationship and ultimately looking for a sacred union on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

What is my venus sign?

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Everything you need to know about the venus in scorpio woman

Keywords: Intense, mysterious, dark feminine, guarded, obsessive, possessive, jealous, magnetic, loyal, intuitive, emotional, private.

Compatibility: The Venus in Scorpio woman is most suited to someone who can handle her intensity, is looking for commitment, is attracted to her depth, and is willing to meet their own darkness.

1. She will read you like a book

The Venus in Scorpio woman is, of course, intuitive, like all water signs are. She can read people like a book and sense how you feel or what you need without you saying a word. She’s the friend who turns up at your door with a glass of rosé and a box of decadent chocolate truffles when you just broke up with your boyfriend. She knows you said you wanted to be alone, but really you wanted someone to hug you and remind you that you’re amazing and… wine.

Her powerful intuition has another benefit: she can tell almost instantly when someone is into her and when they’re not.

2. She will seduce you

The Venus in Scorpio placement infuses any woman with allure and a magnetic quality that draws people into her energetic field and gains her attention and admirers. She is the seductress of the zodiac. People don’t know why they’re drawn to her like a bee to a fuschia flower, but they are.

But this woman knows how to play it cool and take it all in her stride. Even if she’s into you, she will pretend she’s not. Not until she has watched you closely and has decided there’s more to like about you than meets the eye.

3. The venus in scorpio woman has depth & mystery

She has emotional depth to her that feels endless, and you won’t truly grasp the vastness of this depth and mystery until you really get to know her. Because she is always on high alert for danger and afraid of betrayal, she keeps her guard up and lives a very private life. She will only divulge her secrets to you if she trusts you completely, and even then, there will likely be “classified” files that no one ever gets a glimpse of.

4. She is hungry for the world but won’t ask for much

Despite her desire being this overwhelmingly grand, insatiable vacuum, she will not ask for much from her lover. Venus in Scorpio is romantic but not typically interested in lavish gifts or sweet nothings whispered in her ear. What this woman wants is the physical. To feel you against her skin, to touch and taste you, to remove all barriers and merge with you.

Small physical offers of affection are the minimum she needs. Think a big bear hug, soft, sensual kisses, good morning, good nights, and spontaneous I love yous. But even though she will not be demanding in relationship, the truth is that she longs for so much more, more than perhaps anyone can give.

At the extreme end of the spectrum, the Venus in Scorpio woman wants to trap you, consume all of you, and never let you out of her grip.

5. She is afflicted with desire

A Venus in Scorpio woman has an interesting relationship with desire. She will follow her desires all the way to the edge until she gets what she wants most, but there can be a struggle to know when to stop, to know when her belly is full, to know when to release her grip and let that desire go. She will feast on pleasure until it makes her sick. Why? Because sometimes it’s easier for her to ruin what she wants most than it is for her to sit with and truly meet her desire.

And this can create a vibe of possessiveness and obsession and leave someone feeling starved of oxygen.

6. A venus in scorpio woman is deeply connected to the dark feminine

The dark feminine is the sensual, fiery, transformational aspect of the feminine. At its heart is the birth, death, rebirth cycle, creative energy, passion, and alchemy, And nobody is as deeply connected to their dark feminine as the Venus in Scorpio woman is, which is why she may be instinctively drawn to “bad boys,” or anyone with a dark past.

She is flooded with salacious secrets, taboo thoughts, and a scandalous past. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation, so there’s a strong underworld tone to this placement.

Expect this woman to have unconventional kinks and be turned on by things that scare others off. She won’t dare verbalize some things, not until she knows you are open to receiving and contemplating the magnitude of what’s about to escape her lips.

7. She likes to dance with jealousy

The Venus in Scorpio woman indulges jealousy like a child does a toy. No one can better transform the danger and threat jealousy poses into something that almost feels like arousal. Her jealousy can become so intense, and her desire to protect the ones she loves can be so overwhelming that these emotions bleed into possessiveness. This is why they need to be in a relationship with someone who is all in to the very end. Until she meets someone she sees forever with, she might enjoy dabbling in polyamory. However, this will always be a temporary phase en route to the intense, one-on-one connection she hungers for.

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8. She notices every detail

The Venus in Scorpio woman is highly observant. One, because she wants to uncover every last detail about you, and two, because she is cautious and wants to make sure she isn’t being scammed. So, she will watch you in an array of situations with different people before deciding to pursue things further. She will ask you probing questions. And usually, there will be no right or wrong answer to her. What she’s concerned with is reading between the lines.

She wants to know if you are who you say you are and if your actions match your words. To discover what makes you tick, what makes you come alive, and what your wildest dreams and fears are. Why? So that she can be your best friend, lover, or partner and nourish you the way you need to be nurtured. She will hunt out your deepest, darkest secrets but be unwilling to share her own until she deems you trustworthy and loyal.

9. She is intense and seeks intensity

By now, you will have gathered that the Venus in Scorpio woman is a special kind of intense. Whether smoldering eye contact, an intimate conversation, or a physical embrace, she takes everything very seriously, which shows in her words, actions, and demeanor. Her unique frequency is likely to attract other people who have a lot of depth and darkness in them, too, whether it’s a troubled past or a tragic heartbreak.

Although it takes a while for her to feel safe enough to open up and bare her soul, once she does, you will start to experience the magnificent and sometimes intimidating vastness of her intensity.

10. Heartbreak can leave the venus in scorpio woman jaded

If she has been hurt, betrayed, or rejected in past romantic encounters, it can scar a Venus in Scorpio woman for life if she allows it to. This will be one of her biggest challenges and opportunities to grow.

Can she meet her wounds and trauma, overcome any desire for revenge, and open her heart to new connections and possibilities? Can she leave her greatest insecurities in her past relationships and give each new person a blank slate and a fresh start? Is she willing to love and trust again?

11. Ultimately, she seeks sacred union

The final thing you must know about the Venus in Scorpio woman is that in love, she is all in and looking for someone who can match her hand and give just as much as she will. Every kiss, every date, and every sexual encounter may just change her life, and she is open to this possibility.

She seeks sacred union with a mate, the ultimate joining of the masculine and feminine. She wants to feel a mind, body, and soul connection and be one with you in every way she can. This is why casual flings will never be enough for her. She wants depth, intimacy, and a connection that can only develop organically over time when both people are equally invested in one another.

Are you a venus in scorpio woman?

Is Venus in the sign of Scorpio in your birth chart? Do the above traits and gifts resonate with you, or are there more dominant placements in your birth chart that mask some of these?

What do you love most about this placement? I’d love to hear your thoughts and stories in the comments below.

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  • This sounds just like me! I often have to control my jealousy because I see it as a weakness. I can become cold if I don’t get what I want. On the flip side I know my worth and this was accurate on how I love.

    • Hey Jasmine!

      We’re taught to view emotions as good or bad, but being able to meet and allow whatever rises within you can be liberating and a beautiful release. The only way to move through emotions like jealousy is to meet them, see where they come from, and engage in shadow work to heal the root trauma/belief.

      Shani x

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