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Venus In Libra Woman: Fair, Observant & Quietly Charismatic

venus in libra woman traits

If you are a woman born with Venus in Libra, keep reading to learn more about how this placement affects your personality and relationships.

Venus is the planet of romance, love, sex, relationships, and the divine feminine. For women, your Venus placement can tell you a lot about the woman you came here to be in this lifetime and your unique feminine essence. For men, the Venus placement usually indicates the kind of woman (or feminine frequency) they are likely to be attracted to.

What is my venus sign?

If you’re unsure of your Venus placement, you can view your birth chart here.

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Everything you need to know about the venus in libra woman

Keywords: Peaceful, intellectual, fair, strategic, observant, romantic, quietly charismatic, thinks big.

Compatibility: This depends greatly on what else is going on in your chart and what is happening in someone else’s chart. Potential good matches are other air signs (Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius), and someone whose Venus is in Libra.

1. She wants everyone to feel equal

The Venus in Libra woman believes in equality, fairness, and justice. While she doesn’t enjoy drama or confrontation, she has a deep need to stand up for what she believes is right, whether it involves her or somebody else.

She is open and honest and always treats others with the kindness, respect, and integrity she hopes to receive. This makes her a great friend and partner because people can trust her and feel equal in her company. However, it’s important that she doesn’t place other people’s happiness ahead of her own while on her quest for fairness.

2. She is clued in

A Venus in Libra woman is highly observant, which allows her to see every facet of every situation and carefully read any room. She knows when to sit back with patience and when to move forward with confidence. She knows when to diffuse a situation and when to let it boil over. And while she waits and watches, she strategically plans what she will do or say or how to act next.

3. A venus in libra woman attracts people with her mind

The Venus in Libra woman’s mind is her most attractive feature. She’s intelligent, interesting, and usually pretty witty. The difference between her and other intellectual signs is that she isn’t detached from feelings or society, which gives her a charm that other air signs sometimes lack.

When dating and in a relationship, this woman will greatly value good conversation and needs to have a mental connection with someone for things to progress.

4. She does not need to be known to be felt

A Venus in Libra woman will never be the loudest in the room, and she doesn’t want to be. However, she will strive to be the most interesting and poised, and this often leads to her presence being felt very strongly. Even if she’s a total stranger to you

She has a powerful presence that can quietly hold a conversation, a room, or an event together. Sometimes she wants to be known and will rise from her usual backseat position in the cozy armchair and make external waves in the room, but most of the time, she does not need to be known to be felt.

5. She always knows

Although a Venus in Libra woman is as open as a book, she does not feel the need to share what she knows for the sake of sharing. She needs a strong purpose to divulge. But you can bet that she knows pretty much anything and everything there is to know about you and also what someone else knows about you. She knows your passions, quirks, differences, and preferences, and sometimes, it can get pretty tiring carting around all of this information. But she does it because she believes she has to be perfect all of the time.

Loving a Venus in Libra woman is about empathizing with the lengths she goes to to try and hold it together for everyone in her life while often being undervalued and unappreciated because nobody sees this work. It’s about giving her the recognition and praise she tends not to receive elsewhere. Making sure she feels seen while also reminding her that she does not need to be perfect all the time.

6. She desires to be worshiped

The Venus in Libra woman has many facets within her, as do we all. Nobody knows duality and finding balance in two opposites quite like she does. She longs for someone who can discuss and admire each of these sides so that all of her feels worshiped.

7. The venus in libra woman is skilled in mirroring

Because she can see the many shades of every situation, discussion, or argument, she can understand people in a way that others cannot. She can conform when needed, although this comes at a cost because it forces her out of authenticity and integrity. She serves as a mirror for people who are blind to what she already sees.

And all of this means it’s difficult to ever truly get to know a Venus in Libra woman. Who is she underneath all the knowing, understanding, peace-keeping, and mirroring of others?

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8. She takes time to choose her person

The Venus in Libra woman is careful and calculated in choosing her friends and lovers. She hangs back, observes, weighs everything up, and only then will she make her choice. And it will feel like being chosen.

But what is she looking for? A sharp mind. Someone who values her mind and her wit. Someone who pays attention to the finer details of her, the way she pays attention to everybody else. And someone who is not afraid to dream big and is hungry to work on themselves as much as she is.

9. She really wants her relationships to work

A Venus in Libra woman may fear being alone, which can cause her to choose or stay with someone who isn’t a good match. But at the root of it all, she desperately wants her relationships to work out. In love, she gives her everything. She must be vigilant that she isn’t the one putting in all the work or letting someone walk all over her to keep things together and avoid “failure.”

10. Her love is polished & poised

Loving a Venus in Libra woman is loving a woman who loves in a prim and polished way. She is rarely aggressive or over-the-top with her emotions. Fair, tactful communication is what she wants.

Her love language is likely to be acts of service—she shows how much she cares by doing thoughtful things for her partner, like picking up his favorite candy bar from the store, filling up the gas in the car on her way home, and planning your next road trip. Sometimes, partners who don’t understand how you express love can feel like you don’t care or aren’t invested in the relationship, but this is never the case.

11. A venus in libra woman always has big plans for the both of you

You can trust that when you’re with a Venus in Libra woman, she is working her ass off to make it work, to plan for the future, and to ensure you both grow into the best versions of you that you can be.

This means that sometimes she may poke and prod and push you to quit a bad habit or step out of your comfort zone, but only because she sees your potential like nobody else does, and she wants you to succeed.

Loving a Venus in Libra woman means signing up to love a woman on a never-ending journey of self-improvement with big dreams, plans, and visions for the future. And she needs a mate who buys into this and encourages her to dream even bigger.

Are you a venus in libra woman?

Were you born with your Venus in the sign of Libra? I’d love to know if you resonate with the characteristics and gifts listed above? What do you love most about your Venus placement? What are your greatest challenges? Share your thoughts and stories with me below.

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