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Venus In Virgo Woman: Practical, Discerning & Real
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Venus In Virgo Woman: Practical, Discerning & Real

venus in virgo woman

Are you a Venus in Virgo woman, and do you want to know more about what this placement in your natal chart means?

Venus rules love, sex, and relationships and emanates the divine feminine essence. For women, she represents the woman you are here to be in this lifetime. In contrast, for men, she represents the kind of woman or feminine frequency a man is likely to be attracted to.

We place great importance on our sun signs, but your moon and rising sign are just as important. At the same time, the other planetary placements (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) can still tell you a lot about who you are, what makes you tick, and your soul purpose in this lifetime.

What is my venus sign?

If you’re unsure of your Venus placement, you can view your birth chart here.

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Everything you need to know about the venus in virgo woman

Keywords: Perfectionist, practical, discerning, loyal, reserved, aware, realist, authentic, analytical.

Compatibility: I’m always hesitant to mention capability for any sign pairings because it depends so much on someone’s entire chart and how they choose to show up in the world.

Generally, a Venus in Virgo woman will pair well with someone who can bring a more laid-back, chilled vibe to the relationship, help her decompress during stressful situations, and be her cheerleader.

1. She can be hesitant to love

The first thing to know about a Venus in Virgo woman is she is very discerning when it comes to people in general, especially when it comes to falling in love. She would much rather be alone than with the wrong person, and her long checklist of what makes the perfect mate means that most people just won’t measure up.

If you make it past her rigorous filter, it will still take a long while to win her over and bring down all the defenses she has in place when it comes to love. But she hopes you will stick around through her hesitancy, and if you do, you will see that she has a lot of love to give.

2. She shows her love in practical ways

It’s highly likely that a Venus in Virgo woman’s love language will be acts of service. She expresses her love by doing things for her loved ones.

Whether it’s unloading the dishwasher, sorting the laundry out, picking up groceries from the store on her way back from work, cooking dinner, listening to your dilemma and offering sage advice, or massaging your neck when you’re got a kink in it.

She will fuss over you, but it will tend to be rooted in practicality and be completely void of glamor. Because of this, it’s important she is with someone who notices and appreciates this form of love.

3. She is very aware of your gaze

A Venus in Virgo woman spends much time seeing herself through other people’s eyes. She struggles with being seen and trying to fit into what other people want and need, being judged, criticized, and put down. And with the comparison trap she falls into. This gaze is unbearable, yet she can’t seem to ignore it because it’s always there.

And she struggles just as much seeing herself through her own gaze. It’s as though she can never fully relax and just be. This is one of her greatest challenges.

4. The venus in virgo woman thinks she has to be perfect

A Venus in Virgo woman believes she must be perfect for herself and everyone around her. She goes out of her way to ensure she doesn’t fail or make a mistake and finds gaping flaws in herself that nobody else notices. She spends her time cleaning up everyone’s else’s messes and trying to mold them into her idea of perfection—including her mate.

There’s just one problem: she is not perfect, and neither is anybody else. We are human, wildly imperfect, and this is the beauty of the human experience.

At some point in life, she will learn this lesson. Yet, there will still be a faint, distant desire for perfection, co-existing with the understanding that it is unattainable.

She will do well with someone who helps her see the opportunities in her obstacles and gain perspective when she fails. Someone who reminds her that she is loveable and enough exactly the way she is right now.

5. She can easily become stressed

Because the Venus in Virgo woman is a perfectionist, she is easily wound up. The smallest thing can send her into a stress spiral.

So her perfect match is someone who can calm the storm and help her decompress. Someone who knows how to put her at ease, help her regain perspective, and bring her back into the present moment.

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6. She prefers reality to romance

The Venus in Virgo woman is unphased by glamor, romance, and pleasure. She favors the intricacies and day-to-day work of making a relationship thrive. This often makes her suspicious when someone unexpectedly brings her flowers or whisks her away to Paris for the weekend. She doubts these surface-level gestures and is much more at home beneath what can be seen.

For this reason, you can count on her to be there through the good times and the bad. But if she can allow herself a few fleeting moments to bask in pleasure for pleasure’s sake, it will do her a world of good. A partner who can remind her that she deserves joy and creates moments for her to experience this can help the Venus in Virgo woman find a healthier balance between reality and romance.

7. A venus in virgo woman can be critical in a relationship

If she hasn’t yet learned to overcome her insecurities and drive for perfection, the Venus in Virgo woman can be overly-critical of herself and in a relationship.

Rather than focusing on what’s good, she will be drawn to all the little holes and things that could be improved. This is one of the reasons she can be hesitant to get into a relationship.

But once she feels safe and secure within herself and with her mate, this tendency will simmer down.

8. She cannot pretend to be someone she is not

Loving a Venus in Virgo woman is loving someone who cannot be anyone but herself. When she goes against her natural grain, it will appear comically phony and insincere. So she doesn’t bother to pretend. She is who she is.

She will say what’s on her mind. She will poke and prod you to be your best self (as she does to herself). She will hesitate before choosing you. And the right person for her is someone who finds all of these authentic quirks endearing.

9. She will always be there when you’re in trouble

The final thing to know about the Venus in Virgo woman is that she will always be there for you when you truly need her. Because she’s so busy, she will not always be there, but you can count on her to show up when you truly need her. When you’re in your darkest moment or crying for help, she will be there for you during your struggle.

She may need a gentle reminder that being there for someone’s sunniest days, too, can be just as meaningful.

Are you a venus in virgo woman?

Is your Venus in Virgo? Do the above gifts and traits resonate with you? What other placements do you have in your birth chart? Share your thoughts, comments, and questions with me below.

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  • wow, i teared up reading #2 & 3 and really just said wow throughout the whole thing…I love reading these because it’s like someone in this world perfectly explained me and my feelings without even knowing me – but a chart … a chart can explain so many things. #6 was the only one that was like mehhhh like for sure I agree i am like that but i still love being showered with those things but in the past i know those gestures of gifts to be gestures of guilt the other party is feeling. I’m a scorpio sun, cancer moon, and gemini rising by the way…i fell in love with a double cancer scorpio rising who also has the same venus as i…but we were in long distance and there were so many people getting into my head and i started to overthink while not thinking at all really…then i met a leo with a cancer rising and a libra moon…can’t remember his venus but there are parts of me that like him a lot and appreciates all he does for me but there are so many parts that yearn for my long distance lover still…stuck between the two i choose none but keep them as friends around me because i’m just not sure as yet…and while that’s okay, i still wish to be settled down right now…but just like you said, “would much rather be alone than with the wrong person, and her long checklist of what makes the perfect mate means that most people just won’t measure up.” that literally sums me up right there! thank you for this <3

    • Thanks for sharing Lys!

      It would be interesting to know what your Mars sign is – this is a great indication of the kind of man, or masculine energy, you’re likely to be drawn to.

      And I think the being along rather than with the wrong person is universal – that is my wish for all of us 💕

      Shani x

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