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Venus In Leo Woman: Warm, Expressive & Shines A Light
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Venus In Leo Woman: Warm, Expressive & Shines A Light

venus in leo woman traits

Are you a woman with the planet Venus in the sign of Leo in your birth chart?

You might be the kind of woman who, very quickly after meeting someone you’re attracted to, asks, “So… what’s your sign?” What you’re usually referring to is someone’s Sun sign, in other words, whatever sign the Sun was in on the day you were born. And while every placement in the birth chart plays a crucial role and makes up a piece of the star map of you, you may be better off asking someone what their Venus or Mars sign is.

Why? Because Venus is the planet of love, romance, sex, and relationships. As a woman, your Venus sign offers great insight into the woman you came here to be. Meanwhile, a man’s Venus sign tells you the kind of person he is likely to be attracted to.

So, where does Mars fit into it all? As a woman, your Mars sign tells you the kind of person you’re likely to be drawn to. Men with this same Mars placement are likely to instantly captivate you on a sensual or sexual level. But it does depend on someone’s whole chart and what they make of it in the real world.

The Venus in Leo placement is interesting because Venus is peregrine here, which means she is far from home, which I’ll explore more in this post. A Venus in Leo woman is joyous, generous, and shines like the Sun. She can see the light in others, loves to get creative (especially when it comes to dates), and you never quite know what you’ll get with her.

What is my venus sign?

If you’re unsure of your Venus placement, you can view your birth chart here.

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Everything you need to know about the venus in leo woman

Keywords: Bright, fun, generous, joyful, performer, awkward, aware, expressive, fun, brave, warm, unpredictable.

Compatibility: Compatibility varies so much depending on the entire chart, but a Venus in Leo woman could match well with any man who has their Venus, Sun, Moon, or Ascendant sign in Leo or a stellium (three or more placements) of Leo elsewhere.

1. She can be awkward

I mentioned that Venus in Leo is a peregrine placement, but what exactly does that mean, and why does it make this placement awkward?

When a planet is peregrine, it has wandered far from home. Every sign has its ruling planet. For example, Saturn is at home in Capricorn, the Moon is at home in Cancer, and Venus is at home in Taurus and Libra. It doesn’t mean that these planets are peregrine in all the other signs, but there will be a handful of signs that each planet feels foreign in. For example, Saturn in Taurus, Jupiter in Scorpio, Mars in Gemini, and Venus in Leo.

The Venus in Leo woman can feel like this fiery, stage-taking placement entirely misses the point of Venus’s femininity, beauty, and groundedness. But remember that there are no bad placements, and it’s up to us how we choose to work with the insight we gain from our birth chart.

2. She thrives on self-expression

The Venus in Leo woman is in tune with her inner Creatrix and loves to express herself through creative outlets like acting, dancing, writing, spoken word, or painting. She needs an outlet to pour her magic and radiance into, and it’s one thing that fills her cup and makes her come alive. She will tend to be drawn to friends and romantic relationships when her self-expression is truly seen and appreciated.

3. A venus in leo woman wants to be seen

You may know that a Sun in Leo placement often points to someone who desires to take center stage and be known and adored for doing something they love and excel at. It could even be that the bedroom becomes her stage, and there’s a seductive performance aspect to her where she desires to be worshiped for the true sex Goddess she is.

True to her innate desire to be seen, the Venus in Leo woman also tries to watch herself. And even when she gets up on “stage” and gives the performance of her life, she will be all too aware of you watching.

Venus tends to show us what we love, and in Leo, it loves to be admired. In the shadow side of this placement, this desire can become egoistic or even narcissistic.

4. She struggles with feedback (good & bad)

A Venus in Leo woman can struggle with feedback on both sides of the spectrum. Does she take constructive criticism or negative comments well? No. But how many of us do?

What’s more interesting is her struggle to sit with compliments and praise, even when given in a pure and selfless way. Given her desire to be seen and admired, this may come as a surprise. But like many of us, she can find it challenging to receive the praise she is hungry for.

She wants a partner who adores the bones of her. Yet, she can find it uncomfortable knowing that her partner sees all of her, flaws and all, even if they embrace the imperfections.

5. She is constantly doing something that scares her

A Venus in Leo woman is not fearless; none of us are. But the way she courageously faces her fears almost daily would have you convinced otherwise.

This is a brave soul. And it’s not that she aspires to be brave. This courage comes from her deep understanding that the only way to overcome the fear of doing, learning, or experiencing something new, is to stop thinking about maybe doing it and just do it.

You will frequently find her trying new things, many of which seem outrageous. But she takes it all in her stride, with a healthy dose of humor.

6. The venus in leo woman knows how to watch other people

Venus in Leo transitions smoothly from dancing in front of the camera to being the one holding it and watching others. If anyone knows how to watch and to really see, it’s her. Quite possibly because she spends much of her time watching herself in an out-of-body kind of way.

Spend an afternoon with a Venus in Leo woman, and I dare you to walk away not feeling seen, heard, and special.

7. She brings joy

Venus is a joyous planet, and Leo is a fairly upbeat sign, so together, they make a positive, cheerful match. This energy fuels this woman’s zest for life. She can quickly move on and heal from the past because she’s already looking forward to (and believes in) the better things that lie ahead.

This woman frequently indulges in pleasure, romance, and fun and likes to surround herself with people and things that remind her of the infinite beauty of life.

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8. She sees the light in others

One of the primary ways a Venus in Leo woman loves is by truly seeing the light that exists in all of us. Spend time with her, and she will quickly seek out the brightest, sparkliest, most magical things about you and celebrate you for it. Even if you haven’t yet shown this part of you to the world or your inner circle, she will uncover it and bring it to attention. She will cheer for you and love on you until you believe in the magic that she already does.

She loves the spotlight on herself but is also deeply generous and will shine that light on everyone around her.

9. And she asks, what does my inner light need from others to shine brightly?

When it comes to romance and relationships, the Venus in Leo woman will consider her role in those connections and how both partners can shine brightly as individuals but blindingly together.

She may ask what she needs to be the best partner or how they can both shine their light without dulling each other’s sparkle.

This is not a woman looking for someone to “complete” her, and she refuses to be that missing puzzle piece for someone else. No. She sees herself as a sovereign being (as we all should) and is looking for another sovereign being to join her and create a fierce power couple.

10. A venus in leo woman radiates warmth like the Sun

She is the woman who draws people into her orbit like the Sun draws the planets. Her warmth, radiance, and joy for life attract like-minded souls toward her.

They may think they’re coming for an hour, only to get caught up in her coziness and toast marshmallows around the campfire, then watch the sunrise the next morning. Her spirit nourishes these people, and they feed her.

11. She will keep you guessing

Loving a Venus in Leo woman means loving someone and never knowing what you’ll get. For her, love is a creative act, and there is no set template to follow or formula that will guarantee success. Expect the unexpected. Unconventional date nights, compelling words of encouragement channeled off the cuff, and surprise gifts or getaways to exotic lands.

Committing to a Venus in Leo woman means that you are signing up for a love story that is very much yet to be written. But then again, aren’t we all?

12. Loving her can be a challenge

Loving a Venus in Leo woman will not always be easy.

She will challenge you to be more of yourself and step into your light. She will challenge you to pour yourself into your passions and dare to take up space on the stage. She will shower you with attention you may not be comfortable receiving. She will challenge you to create your epic love story together, one day at a time, and rewrite the rule book. She will challenge you to forget everything you did until now and show you that regardless of all that has happened, you have the power to choose again and to choose hope and love.

But accept her challenge, and you will bask every day in the generosity and joy that pours out of her soul and truly know what it means to rise and step into all of yourself.

Are you a venus in leo woman?

Are you a woman with a Venus in Leo placement? I’d love to know if you resonate with these descriptions and gifts? How do they play a role in the people and relationships you attract? Share your stories with me below.

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  • I am a Venus Leo, retrograde, in the 8th House. So yes, I agree with a lot what you say…but that retrograde part is real…I attract some “illicit” relationships to be for sure and it’s a constant challenge.

    • There could be some other aspects of your chart that contribute to this too, as well as personal traumas/inherited beliefs – we are all such complex beings and there is no cut and dry way to describe why we are the way we are 🙂

      Shani x

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