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11 Signs Your Soul Is On The Venus Path
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11 Signs Your Soul Is On The Venus Path

sacred venus path

Whether you’re drawn to Goddess Inanna, Hathor, Aphrodite, or Magdalene, all of these women are from the same lineage—and it is the path of love, the path of Venus. Each of these women has their unique flavor and cultural influences, but they all embody shared frequencies of the divine feminine, the cosmic mother, and sacred union.

For those of us on a spiritual journey in this lifetime, there are several different paths we can choose to take. Some of the most popular paths today are within yoga, which is why yoga has skyrocketed in popularity—souls are seeking more than a purely physical experience, and yoga provides a taste of the spiritual, even through asana.

Yoga was the first path I explored, and while there were so many things that resonated, there was a lot that didn’t. In particular, the worship of male deities (like modern religion) and the teaching of transcending everything physical to reach enlightenment. I believe we are here on Earth to enjoy the physical, too, like the beauty of nature, the magic of touch, and the miracle that is the body. I don’t want to discard and miss out on the richness of this physical aspect. For me, it’s about learning to combine the physical with the spiritual.

Knowing something was missing, and my hunger to reconnect with the feminine led me to the Venus path. This is not a path purely for women, but it is rooted in the divine feminine, so feminine essence beings are predominantly drawn to the Venus path. If you are on the Venus path today, your soul likely experienced this path in parallel lifetimes, and you are simply remembering and coming home to yourself.

If you want to learn more about the sacred Venus path and whether this path is calling you, continue reading for some signs illuminating Venus codes in your soul.

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11 Signs your soul is on the sacred feminine venus path

1. You lead with your heart

We live in a society where the mind is often valued over the heart. Logic over intuition. Masculine over feminine. So many of us ignore our intuition or don’t even know how to start connecting and leading with it.

But if you’re on the Venus path, you lead with your heart first and then lean on the logic of your mind to create the structure you need to follow through. Even when it feels crazy, and you have no roadmap, you trust your intuition and allow it to guide you. This is what it means to trust the feminine, to trust the unknown, to trust you are held and supported in the darkness.

2. You fill your world with beauty

Whether it’s treating yourself to a weekly bouquet of pink roses, lighting candles on your altar, adorning yourself in beautiful clothes and jewelry, hanging inspiring paintings on the wall of your home, ritualizing your makeup and skincare routine, or taking bath time to a whole new level with essential oils, coconut milk, honey, fruits, and flower petals, you infuse every day with beauty.

It comes naturally to you. You see it as art and pleasure and a thousand opportunities to bring more joy into your world (and others).

Goddess of love

3. You are deeply sensual

The Venus path is not about renouncing the body. In fact, connecting to your body on a deeper level is one of the ways that you connect to the spiritual realm on this path. You don’t have to visit a temple or a guru to connect to this higher power—it is within you.

You experience the most pleasure in life through the five senses of your body: the aroma of your favorite perfume, the sight of a peony gradually blooming open in front of you, the sacred touch of your lover, the taste of a juicy, ripe strawberry, and the sound of birdsong at dawn.

When you sing, dance, or make love, it feels sacred to you and is a form of prayer. Your sensuality is the way you commune with the divine.

4. You are drawn to goddesses of love

Whether it’s Goddess Aphrodite, Hathor, Isis, Inanna, Hera, Freya, or Venus herself, you are drawn to feminine deities who were known for deeply embodying the frequency of love.

You might have a particular guide you commune with regularly and seek guidance from, or maybe you just feel inspired and awakened by the legends of these women.

5. You love intensely

When it comes to love, you don’t do it half-heartedly or as per the status quo. You can be found at opposite ends of the pendulum—washed in tidal waves of passion and pleasure or deep, dark despair, but nothing in between. The love you experience is the love we read about in fairytales and Nicholas Sparks’ novels. It’s the kind of love that the greatest love songs of all time are written about. And sometimes, it’s for someone you haven’t met in real life yet.

Another layer here is that the romantic encounters and partners you attract are never by coincidence. They are by divine contract, whether a karmic bond, a nemesis, or some other soul contract you have signed up to experience and grow from. One thing is for sure, every time you fall in love is either a divine blessing or a lesson that transforms you forever.

6. You are a fierce warrior

This is one of the more subtle signs you’re on the Venus path because warrior energy isn’t typically associated with the energy of love. But because you have so much love and passion in your heart, you are willing to go against the status quo, rebel, and even break the rules to stand up for what you believe is right, whether it’s a person, an idea, or a cause.

A fire inside you is always burning, but occasionally, it will rage, and this is your cue to fight. Love is your moral code, so as long as you serve it in its highest sense, you’re okay with walking into battle.

7. You are highly sensitive

Most women on the Venus path also carry the Priestess template, and being highly sensitive, empathetic, and intuitive are gifts of this template.

You feel things deeply, whether walking into a room full of people you don’t know or the subtle mood shifts in the company of friends. Maybe you suddenly think of a loved one and have the urge to call them, and then find that something major just happened in their world, or you walk into a hotel you’ve booked, and everything feels off, so you walk back out again and find somewhere else to stay.

You pick up on very subtle energetics that most people miss, which is why even walking around a grocery store for 30 minutes can be incredibly draining or overwhelming. Regularly cleansing your energy will help you slough off any vibrations or ideas that have attached to you that are not yours and provide a welcome reset.

signs your soul is on the venus path

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8. You are no stranger to soul initiations

You regularly find yourself in the void and are familiar with the dark night of the soul.These incubation periods, going inward, pausing, gestating, and reflecting, are all necessary for true transformation on the soul level. Just like a caterpillar, you enter a cocoon and will eventually metamorphose into a magnificent butterfly and enter the next stage of your life. But without that cocooning, it is not possible.

There may have been periods of intense grief, heartache, and loss that shook you to your core and brought on bouts of anxiety, stress, depression, rage, or deep loneliness. But every time, you picked yourself up off the floor and rose out of the darkness to a higher level.

This is the feminine, the endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. To walk the Venus path is to be comfortable with the cyclic nature of life and to use this awareness to help you accept and move through intense periods of suffering.

9. You are healing from wounding & persecution

All Priestesses carry wounding, usually around speaking their truth, their magical gifts, and fear of being rejected or persecuted if they fully reveal themselves. This is the “witch wound” that every woman carries with her in this lifetime from other lifetimes where it was not safe to be in our magic or use it. Where women were literally burned, tortured, and hung for having magical gifts.

It’s natural to still feel the effects of this wounding today, especially if you have yet to do any work on clearing it. You might also experience persecution through specific people that have been sent in this lifetime as a soul contract so that you can heal a particular wound.

10. Sex is never just sex to you

Through the rise of patriarchy and the distorted masculine, our relationship with our bodies and sex has become confused and distorted. On the one hand, there’s hypersexuality in the media, the way we’re sold products, and the saturation of porn. At the other extreme, there’s also this taboo around sex, particularly female sexuality and pleasure, largely thanks to modern religion.

Our bodies and sex have been separated from the sacred. Most of us view sex through a purely physical lens. When there are deeper feelings, attachment, or love, an emotional angle is added to sex. But rarely is it seen on the energetic, spiritual level, even though sex is always a spiritual and energetic exchange. I’ve always felt on the soul level that sex could never be a casual experience for me, and having done my training as a Priestess, I now know this to be true.

If you’re on the Venus path, you likely have a different relationship with sex and sexuality than most people. You may have been a sex Priestess in a parallel life or looking to deepen the sexual experiences you have in this one and have more fulfilling sex through sacred union.

signs your soul is on the venus path

11. You awaken others

For better or worse, when you open your body and heart to someone, something is activated within them on a soul level, no matter how thick their armor is. With you, people see who they truly are. They see themselves with more clarity, they have an awakening or a deep desire to transform, or they become aware of some subconscious shadows buried deep within their psyche. You initiate these powerful, transformational experiences and carry the elixir, the medicine that can provide healing and evolution.

But whether they change depends on whether they are ready and willing to. Many people are not, and when confronted with your presence and love, it can cause them to resent you and push you away or aim their pain toward you. You must have strong boundaries in place so that you don’t take on anyone else’s struggles or contracts in this way and can remain sovereign.

Are you on the venus path?

Do these signs resonate with you? Are you walking the Venus path? I’d love to hear more about your soul journey and initiation to the divine feminine and the Goddesses of love who walked before us. Share your story and questions with me in the comments below.

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