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16 Best Crystals & Stones For More Fulfilling, Soulful Sex
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16 Best Crystals & Stones For More Fulfilling, Soulful Sex

crystals for sex

You might already use crystals to boost your self-love or confidence or to manifest a soul desire, but have you ever worked with them to connect deeper to your sexuality and improve your sex life?

We live in a society where misogynistic and violent porn (created by men) has become normalized, which heavily shapes how men and women have sex and view their bodies.

The male orgasm is seen as the end goal of sex, and a woman’s pleasure is often entirely ignored or feels fake and exaggerated. Pressure on women to “perform” and emulate porn stars has led so many of us to do whatever our partner wants in bed, even if it makes us uncomfortable, and then finish by faking an orgasm.

Romance and foreplay are often nonexistent, even though research has shown that women need to be turned on in their brains, not just their physical bodies. Many of us have experienced sexual assault and trauma, which we haven’t fully worked through. Some of us struggle to communicate our needs, boundaries, and preferences with our partners. Maybe you resonate with more than one of the points on this list.

Sex can be many things at once: passionate, sacred, hot, soulful, erotic, fun, dreamy, empowering, and kinky. You deserve to have earth-shattering sex that moves mountains of energy in your body and delivers tidal waves of pleasure. So if sex right now feels intimidating, boring, or something you don’t look forward to, you owe it to yourself and your yoni to make some changes.

The best crystals for more intimacy, love, & soulful sex

Are you looking to set firmer boundaries, find your voice, boost your confidence, explore your darker side, or reignite the flame with your partner? Here are the best crystals to work with to enjoy more fulfilling sex.

1. Rose Quartz

For opening your heart and filling it with love.

This delicate pink crystal is the crystal of love. Work with Rose Quartz if you struggle with self-love and letting yourself receive pleasure and intimacy.

This crystal will also help you cleanse and open your heart so you can trust again—ideal if you’ve recently gone through a breakup and/or had your heart broken.

crystals for sex

2. Moonstone

For divine feminine and goddess energy.

Moonstone is a crystal connected to grandmamma moon, and she has a soft, feminine, nourishing energy. So if you need a little help connecting to your inner feminine and unleashing your inner goddess, this is one of the best sexual stones to work with.

3. Agate

For presencing what you want and need.

Clear, honest communication is essential to any healthy connection or relationship. The trouble is that some of us are shy, have been silenced in the past, or struggle to put our thoughts and emotions into words.

If you’ve ever struggled to speak up during intimate moments and sex, you are not alone. Blue Lace Agate is a crystal connected to the throat chakra. It can help you release any shame and express yourself and your deepest desires with more ease and clarity.

4. Clear Quartz

For mind, body and heart balance.

Clear Quartz is a translucent stone with flecks of starlight in it. It’s a brilliant crystal to work with to cleanse and unblock your aura and chakras and bring the body back into a state of balance. Work with this crystal if you have any stuck or stagnant energy to release or feel confused about what you want.

5. Black Obsidian

For exploring your dark feminine side.

Obsidian is commonly known as a protective stone that can repel negative energy. But when it comes to intimacy and sex, this crystal will give you the courage to explore the depths of your sexuality: dark fantasies, kink, taboo, and more. If you’re new to embracing your dark feminine energy or working with some of the darker erotic archetypes.

6. Amethyst

For calming and elevating your energy.

If sex fills you with anxiety and you struggle to calm down and relax, amethyst is one the best crystals to work with. This lavender-colored stone with a silvery shimmer has magical, meditative properties. If you’re looking to cleanse your mind, body, and yoni from any negative vibes or attachments, Amethyst can help you.

And if you’re looking to have sacred, soulful sex that is more than just physical, this crystal will open your crown chakra and elevate your experience into the clouds and beyond.

Sexual stones

7. Selenite

For purity, protection & fertility.

This milky white and baby blue stone is the perfect one to work with if you want to cleanse, purify and protect your body and energy during sexual encounters.

Selenite can also help boost your libido and fertility, which makes it a natural choice for any woman ready to enter the mother phase of her life.

8. Calcite

For sexy summer romances.

Bursting with fresh energy, this orangey-lemon crystal will ignite your confidence and encourage you to indulge in play and pleasure.

Call on Calcite if you’re looking for a casual fling or vacay romance. This crystal will help you be present in the moment and open to enjoying the physical aspect of intimacy and sex.

9. Smoky Quartz

For getting your libido back.

If you’re holding onto any sexual shame or trauma, Smoky Quartz can help you transmute it and give you the pick-me-up you’ve been searching for. While it’s certainly not a replacement for therapy, it can help you overcome your mental and emotional blocks and reignite your sexual appetite.

10. Pyrite

For heating up your lower chakras.

This glorious gold crystal can help you get the energy flowing freely in your root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras and heat up any areas that have grown cold.

If you’ve lost your desire for sex or the passion has disappeared in your relationship, this crystal rekindles it by getting your life force (prana) circulating again.

11. Rhodochrosite

For healing trauma.

Rhodochrosite is a powerful crystal that encourages you to meet and face your truth with kindness, which makes it ideal for anyone looking to heal after sexual abuse or trauma.

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Work with this crystal to release any emotional blockages, overcome self-blame, and heal your relationship with your body and sex.

12. Garnet

For harnessing your sexual & creative power.

Garnet is one of the best crystals to work with if you feel like sex has become predictable and void of spontaneity and excitement.

For women, your sexual and creative energy comes from your sacral chakra (whereas a man’s sexual energy comes from his root chakra). Garnet can help you learn to use your sexual energy to create, slow down, and get inspired again.

13. Carnelian

For tapping into your sexual energy.

Carnelian is a reddish-orange stone that can speak to your lower chakras. If you’ve felt lacking in passion, joy, and pleasure lately, place this crystal on your lower chakras while you meditate to unblock them and reignite your sexual energy.

Sexual stones

14. Black Tourmaline

For connecting to your body and staying grounded.

If you find you dissociate during sex, this crystal can help you reunite with your body and feel safe and grounded. Black Tourmaline offers protection and encourages us to re-engage with the physical world—ideal if you find yourself stuck in your head during sex.

15. Citrine

For more fun and lightness.

If sex is always a serious, intense experience for you, and you struggle to let go and have lighter, more playful encounters, work with Citrine. This sunny stone can help you tap into your inner child, relax, and play more during sex. It’s like sunshine in a stone.

16. Tiger’s Eye

For reclaiming your sexual sovereignty.

This golden brown, black and orange stone can boost your self-worth and move from a state of submission to empowerment. If you want to feel more protected and in control during sex, work with this crystal to balance your sexual power and own it.

How to work with these crystals to enjoy more connection & fulfilling sex

Okay, so you know the best crystals to work with to improve your sex life. But how exactly can you work with them and harness their powerful energy?

  • Meditate with crystals
  • Take a bath with them (as long as they’re water-safe!)
  • Buy a crystal yoni wand or yoni egg to self-pleasure with (make sure it’s 100% crystal)
  • Use a crystal roller to massage your face and body
  • Place a crystal under your pillow or near your bed
  • Wear them as jewelry

best crystals for sex

Ready to work with these sex crystals?

I recommend browsing the list above and pausing at any of the crystals that stand out to you or that you feel drawn to. This is your intuition whispering to you. Work with these crystals however you like in a way that feels good to you.

And remember that crystals are one of many spiritual tools that can help you connect with your higher self, heal, and grow. They aren’t a substitute for going to therapy and dealing with trauma. But they can help you move energy and welcome more positive sexual experiences.

Which crystal is calling you? Tell me in the comments below!

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